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wifi, lan & music streaming between pc's

By bagpuss800 ·
Hi i am doing a college project where one pc which is located upstairs with my mp3's srored on it. And a pc downstairs which i will use to play the mp3's on the pc upstairs via a home network.My question is , what sort of network speeds would i require for streaming music and is wifi adequate or would i need to use ethernet,thanks for any answers in advance mark

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by jmgarvin In reply to wifi, lan & music streami ...

You will have to use 802.11g, which is 54mbps. 802.11b at 11mbps is just not fast enough.

You could easily stream to one machine, but if you add more, you will start having problems.

Will this be a peer-to-peer connection or client server?

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by wlbowers In reply to wifi, lan & music streami ...

You should be able to. In theory. If that is the only two computers on the system and you don't try to multitask on the link.

In the real world everyone of my customers that has insisted on trying to do this has invested a good sum of money, a lot of my time, and a ton of their flustration. Only to wind up going to cat5.

Good Luck Lee

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by Roger99a In reply to wifi, lan & music streami ...

We wre doing this just the other day. I had a laptop with a Cisco 802.11b PCMCIA card connecting to a Cisco 802.11g Access Point streaming audio to my desktop. We used PRTG to monitor the traffic on the AP and the amount used was actually very small. I suspect the quality of the equipment, signal strength and competing traffic would be the determinig factors.

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by dplewis In reply to wifi, lan & music streami ...

An 802.11b network working well will happily carry MP3s running at high-encoding rates - after all 256Kbps is roughly 1/20th of the usable bandwidth you get from a top-line .11b connection. You need to ensure that your .11b channel is clear and that the AP isn't being overused by other clients. These days, if you're buying new kit you'd be best getting .11g and getting the highest speed connection you can get with a low error rate.

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