WiFi LAN - TCP/IP not working

By jj.vergier ·

My LAN is partly wireless, WiFi 802.11g via an
access point. The network is in TPC/IP.

I just bought a USB WiFi adapter for my
portable computer. The adapter recognizes the
access point OK, the configuration software
says it is connected. But I cannot get TCP/IP
connectivity : all ping packets are lost,
except those towards the USB adapter IP address
itself. I configured the connection with fixed

The portable computer is running Windows Xp
Home (SP1 for I just formatted the system
partition, and SP2 and 3 are on my network).

Thanks for your help,

Jean-Jacques Vergier

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Does the computer have a third party firewall or security suite enabled? If so , that might be the problem.

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It is just as possible that the WiFi Access Point

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to WiFi LAN - TCP/IP not wor ...

Isn't correctly configured. You need to go into this Devices Setup Utility and bridge the Wired and Wireless LAN's together so that they can see each other and work with each other.

Also depending on the security involved you may be required to change the Settings to allow more computers to connect at the same time.


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Problem solved

by jj.vergier In reply to It is just as possible th ...

Thanks to you both, and yes it could have
been the access point or security software.

In fact I found a workaround. Here it is, in
case anyone needs it : I stopped the
adapter's manufacturer's configuration
software, and let Windows XP configure the
wireless network.
The extra trick was that installing this
software had stopped the "Automatic wireless
network configuration" service in Windows. :
I had to re-start the service (Start/Run ->
%systemroot%system32/services.msc /s) and set
it to start automatically, then change the
wireless connexion properties to "let Windows
configure the wireless network".
And that worked..
I had help from Microsoft Knowledge Base,
article #871 122.

Bye to you all !

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