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    Wifi Names disappearing and appearing with names of family members

    by sydney21 ·

    Hello Friends, I am facing issues with my internet services. Internet service provider changed the modem multiple times but issue not resolved. When using Modem of brand A – after working for almost 15 – 20 min, wifi name getting change to wifi names with the names of my family members. When using other brand – its having same issue but after few hours ( 10 – 15 hours or more) . Even with PLUG AND PLAY services from different service provider ( with Data SIM) also getting disconnect after some time and wifi names with names of family members are showing. Can someone please advise what can be the root cause of this issue and how to get this fix ?

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      Re: WiFi

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Wifi Names disappearing and appearing with names of family members

      Can you explain the plural in family members? A router has only one SSID, not two or more, and that shows in the admin panel. Where do this names appear?

      What happens if you turn off the router functionality of that modem, and use a separate router?

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        Wifi Issue

        by sydney21 ·

        In reply to Re: WiFi

        Thanks Kees. What i meant to say that let suppose the SSID at the back of modem what we usually use as Wifi name is XYX001; Now after connecting to this Wifi after some time this wifi name disappear and new wifi name – as Krishna Unit5 everton street melbourne, is getting displayed. If I reset the modem again it start work with XYX001 but after some time , this again get disappeared and now the wifi name becomes Sheela Unit5 everton street melbourne; and this is getting continue again and again. Krishna and Sheela are from my family only. Similarly one by one others names used in wifi names. Hope now it clear to you.

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          Re: WiFi issue

          by kees_b ·

          In reply to Wifi Issue

          It seems very, very unlikely these routers know your family members names and addresses and are programmed in their firmware to switch to them.

          So the change is initiated from the outside (either via the connection with the ISP or via WiFi from the street or neighbours) or from the inside (some program on a connected device, or someone logging in in your home).
          Ideally, changing the SSID can only be done via an Ethernet connection to the admin panel.

          That’s why I suggested to stop using the ISP’s device as a router, and only use it as modem to connect your own router. And, of course, the first thing you do with that router is changing the admin’s password.

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