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    by ronaksinghal89 ·

    i laptop hp pavilion dv4 1241tx is not getting connected to internet using wireless wifi.
    it used to get connected till yesterday.
    it is still get connected using lan bt does with wifi
    plz tell me full steps of instructions to follow.
    thank you.

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      by ronaksinghal89 ·

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        Request for Clarification

        by wesley.chin ·

        In reply to Clarifications

        What is the OS that is running on the laptop?

        Have you check to see whether the encryption key is correct?

        What have you done so far to solve the connection problem? This will minimize the amount of back and forth needed.

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      Well if you told us what happened

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to WIFI NOT WORKING

      We may be able to help you here.

      But assuming that this is from the 1 WiFi Access Point and you have control of it unplug the Power to it for 10 seconds and then plug it back in and let the device boot.

      See if things work after that.

      If they do not work post back with the details.


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      Keep it simple…

      by richie3po ·

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      Is your wireless card on?

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      by systemcheck ·

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      is the computer on?

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