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    WiFi on Mobile and iPad slows down when Bluetooth headphones connected

    by ahujasamir ·


    I have recently noticed that when I am using my bluetooth earphones on either my Android mobile or my Apple iPad, the internet speed (my wifi) slows down a lot. Like videos constantly keep buffering, I have to lower the quality down to 144p/240p to watch smoothly, but if I either switch off the earphones or switch to mobile data (on my smartphone) it recovers and I can stream at 1080p with no issues.
    I did a bit of googling and I think the most likely issue is interference between bluetooth and wifi (my router is a bit old, it has only a 2.4GHz band), but my question is, how then are my laptops not affected?
    Like I can connect the SAME earphones onto my laptop which is on the SAME WiFi and it smoothly plays at 1080p without any buffering. If it was a wifi and bluetooth interference issue, wouldn’t all devices on my wifi be affected? I have tried my Asus laptop and my MacBook Air and they both don’t have this issue.
    Just thought I’d post this here before I go buy a new router, because I’ll be mad if the issue turns out to not be my router at all.
    Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

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