WiFi on Mobile and iPad slows down when Bluetooth headphones connected

By AhujaSamir ·
I have recently noticed that when I am using my bluetooth earphones on either my Android mobile or my Apple iPad, the internet speed (my wifi) slows down a lot. Like videos constantly keep buffering, I have to lower the quality down to 144p/240p to watch smoothly, but if I either switch off the earphones or switch to mobile data (on my smartphone) it recovers and I can stream at 1080p with no issues.
I did a bit of googling and I think the most likely issue is interference between bluetooth and wifi (my router is a bit old, it has only a 2.4GHz band), but my question is, how then are my laptops not affected?
Like I can connect the SAME earphones onto my laptop which is on the SAME WiFi and it smoothly plays at 1080p without any buffering. If it was a wifi and bluetooth interference issue, wouldn't all devices on my wifi be affected? I have tried my Asus laptop and my MacBook Air and they both don't have this issue.
Just thought I'd post this here before I go buy a new router, because I'll be mad if the issue turns out to not be my router at all.
Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
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Just curious

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to WiFi on Mobile and iPad s ...

What make/model are your phone and tablet ? What make/model is the router ? Can you run the same media on those devices without Bluetooth without difficulty ? You haven't provided enough information yet to offer more specific advice. Routers don't rely on Bluetooth, instead the devices communicate with each other directly.

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Thanks for replying

by AhujaSamir In reply to Just curious

My phone is the Realme 6 Pro, it's an Android device, I can link the specs if you want ( ).
My tablet is the 2018 Apple iPad Pro ( ).
And my router is an iBall Baton WRB10N ( )
I can run the same media perfectly fine at 1080p without the headphones connected or with wired earphones.

Yes, I probably phrased that wrong, I know routers don't rely on bluetooth, what I meant was I read somewhere that bluetooth devices can interfere with wifi as they're on the same wireless band or something.

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My bet is your connection is on the 2.4GHz channel.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to WiFi on Mobile and iPad s ...

Widely noted issue such as
That is, not an unknown problem. The usual workaround is to change WiFi channels at the router. Best fix I know is to use the 5GHz WiFi connection which most newer routers offer.

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Thanks for replying

by AhujaSamir In reply to My bet is your connection ...

I see, thank you for replying.
I guess I'll have to go in for a new router then, one which supports dual band.
Any ideas why this problem is limited to my mobile and tablet, and not encountered in my laptops at all? (both the macbook and the Acer)

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Remember there are a lot of prior discussions about it.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Thanks for replying

The short answer is different hardware in the different devices.

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