Wifi on pc is slow

By Svitos ·
Wifi on my pc only gets 0.9-2.0 mb/s but in the same room the same wifi on my phone gets 30-40 mb/s. It's not the problem with the pc since i tried connecting it to the phone hotspot and it got over 20 mb/s. Can someone tell me what's wrong and how to fix it.
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wifi problem

by berryjohnson21 In reply to Wifi on pc is slow

I think you can reset the network adapter setting, it might be this will solve your issue. It will reset with default setting and have some chances to get back your speed.
Another, you can also try troubleshoot option from network and sharing center page.

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by georgezryan78 In reply to wifi problem
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by johnzmiracle In reply to wifi problem
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Good information

by vanoconcrete In reply to wifi problem
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WiFi is a wireless connection

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wifi on pc is slow

And as such it subject to the laws of Physics and Radio Propagation. So it is possible to have a great connection over WiFi and a very bad connection in the same room if the Aerials are in different planes.

Then if the distance between the 2 points is less than half a wavelength you can have little to no signal.

As radio waves do not radiate in a spherical shape from each Point/transmitter you need to make sure that the Aerials are in the same plane have overlapping fields of RF and have no item to interfere with the signal. Most times poor reception/speed is to do with the Aerials being in different planes so think of the aerial as having a large cylindrical sphere of radiated energy and if one aerial is parallel to the floor and the other is at right angles tot he floor the connection between the two aerials will be poor you need to have both aerials pointed in the same direction.

Of course the problem here comes about when you don't have a visible aerial at one end or in some cases both ends where the aerial is internal to a device or you are using a USB Device that doesn't have the ability to bend and take in different planes.

The only way to proceed then is to move one end of the transmission line into a different plane so for instance you may stand the WiFi Access Point/Router on it's end rather than sitting on its feet or if you have a USB Device connect it to a USB Extension Lead and try it in different places and see if the signal improves.

Hopefully it is not to difficult to move one end of the transmission points and see if that makes a difference.

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slow wifi problem

by richardx49 In reply to Wifi on pc is slow

Try resetting your network adapters which you will find in device manager.
That should fix your problem.

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Other Option

by justbellamorgan In reply to Wifi on pc is slow

Have you tried to connect the router through a LAN?

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Internet throttling

by newboyintown637 In reply to Wifi on pc is slow

Did resetting your network adapters helped?
Have you noticed the slow down in certain times of a day only or it happens all the time? Cause I had the same problem, and then I discovered what internet throttling is... During peak hours, your ISP can limit your bandwidth to the crawl and the speeds can differ on your devices. Not sure if its related to your case though

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Reboot Your Modem and Router

by odam In reply to Wifi on pc is slow

Like computers, modems and routers sometimes get stuck in a bad, slow, overloaded state. This problem can be fixed with a reboot. If you haven’t rebooted your router and modem in a while, you should do it now.

If you have a combined modem/router unit, you may just have the one device to reboot. But there’s a good chance you need to reboot two pieces of hardware: The router and the modem. The router connects to the modem, which is connected to the cable coming out of the wall.

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