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Hi! So I was wondering my antivirus gives me advice on securing my network and it says about some kind of access protection. It doesn't explain what that is. Can you tell me what it might mean? I already have WPA2 encryption so it's secured in that regard.
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Well sort of

by OH Smeg In reply to Wifi security

WPA2 is OK but it is not infallible.

However you have to work with what you have so start with the Basics. All WiFi Access Points have a User Name and Password/Phrase and if these are what was originally on the device they are insecure as every boy and their dog has access to those and can wirelessly log into the device and do whatever they like.

As WiFi carries for up to 500 metres anyone within a .5 Kilometer Radius potentially has access to your WiFi Device, that may not be an issue if you live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest neighbour is 10 Kilometers away but in Suburbia that means several hundred people could have potential access to it.

The very basic thing to do is enter the Devices setup and change the User Name and Password/Phrase and record the new settings so you do not forget them.

As for doing anything else that All Depends on what you actually have and what it can handle.

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