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By darkmocha644 ·
This error on my home wifi network started just recently. A few days ago, I was trying to purchase a subscription from apple but verification always fails, I tried switching to mobile data and it worked successfully. There are other apps and websites I could not access anymore. It seems to be a problem with the network (my home wi-fi) since everytime I try to switch my connection to mobile data, it always works. When accessing some websites, prompt messages show "The network you are connected to has been blocked due to suspicious activity," while the other website show "Your computer/network is banned for possible bad behavior". I hope somebody can help me, its been stressing me out for days Thank you!
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This is either yourself or someone on your

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Wifi Security

WiFi network has been reported for some sort of misbehaviour (visiting pirate download sites, streaming movies without license, etc.) Nothing you can do but see who else you have given access to your WiFi to and not allow them, or change your behaviour and stop doing whatever you have done.

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Enhance your Home Wireless Network Security

by jessewalter375 In reply to Wifi Security

Enhance your Home Wireless Network Security
Step 1. Change the name of your default home network
Step 2. Make sure you set a strong and unique password to secure your wireless network
Step 3. Increase your Wi-Fi security by activating network encryption
Step 4. Turn off the wireless home network when you’re not at home
Step 5. Where is the router located in your home?
Step 6. Use a strong network administrator password to increase Wi-Fi security
Step 7. Change your default IP address on the Wireless router
Step 8. Turn off the DHCP functionality on the router
Step 9. Disable Remote Access
Step 10. Always keep your router’s software up-to-date
Step 11. A firewall can help secure your Wi-fi network
Step 12. Enhance protection for the devices most frequently connected to your home network
Hope this helps.

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what can i do?

by darkmocha644 In reply to This is either yourself o ...

Is there anything else i can do? such as resetting my router? or does this go away on its own after some time?

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I doubt that resetting your router will help,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to what can i do?

if the site (s) have banned the IP address, the only recourse is to contact the site administrator to verify why and ask what they require to allow your IP address to access their services.

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is changing my wifi's IP Address possible?

by darkmocha644 In reply to I doubt that resetting yo ...

i think contacting the admins will be hard since it happens to multiple sites is it possible to change the wifi's IP address? and will this help?

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