wifi setup with psp

By haxdnoob ·
im only going to post this question, and then, i really hope i get some answers (and not people who will make it pointless)

long story short, im thinking of changing the security settings on my wireless router from WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES], to WPA2-PSK [AES]

mainly because people said that's the best security option if you want wifi devices to work with the netgear router, but i need one more question answered

if i change the security settings on my router, will this change my dad's internet connection, because im sharing my parents internet connection, and i want to make sure my dad won't spaz out because of it

please answer when you can, and please.... for the love of lore, don't flame me because im getting tired of all of my posts getting flamed because of it

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WiFI Security

by christianshiflet In reply to wifi setup with psp

I can't tell you if it will impact your dad, since I don't know how he is connecting to the Internet. But changing the security settings that you described will impact anybody that is connecting wirelessly to your router.

As an aside, I believe, though I may be wrong, the PSP will not connect to WPA2, only WPA. Just something you may want to verify before making any changes.

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Changing to WPA2 will affect everyone

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to wifi setup with psp

Who connects wirelessly. You'll have to reset the WiFi Connection and include the WPA2 PassPhrase.

However as mentioned above I do not believe that the PSP supports the WPA2 Option.


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PSP with latest firmware

by seanferd In reply to wifi setup with psp

supports WPA2 TKIP, I believe. (Check for yourself to be sure - I don't actually have a PSP.) So, use TKIP/AES on the router. If it is AES-only, the PSP won't connect. But you want AES for the other machines as it is more secure & has low overhead.

BTW, suggesting a man learn how to fish is not flaming. I remember, you, and nothing I have posted is a flame. You'll <i>know</i> when you get flamed here. Srsly, lol. But you have to stop <i>asking</i> for a flaming, which you like to do with your preambles and postscripts. <font size=1>I mean, if someone takes offense because you want to change a PSP case color from black, that is <i>their</i> problem.</font>

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depending how the computers were set up

by .Martin. In reply to wifi setup with psp

if you keep the same passphrase, but switch to WPA2 only, it may work.

depending on the computer, most of the time the computer will pick WPA2 if it has a choice of WPA and WPA2, but sometimes it doesn't.

my only question is, why are you going by what others say? you should do some research, and see if the changes when going from WPA to WPA2 will be suitable for your needs (even though you are currently using WPA+WPA2, I say WPA as your overall security is only as strong as your weakest point). googling I found this info:
1.WPA2 is the improved version of WPA
2.WPA only supports TKIP encryption while WPA2 supports AES
3.Theoretically, WPA2 is not hackable while WPA is
4.WPA2 requires more processing power than WPA

i.e., WPA is only THEORETICALLY hackable (only using dictionary attacks, I believe), so really unless you have a password that can be guessed at, you should be fine where you are. also depending on your hardware, using WPA2 may slow down the internet traffic speed.

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thanks man

by haxdnoob In reply to depending how the compute ...

i just figured out my problem; it was that the current security option, it being WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES], WAS supported, as i found out when changing the properties of my wireless network on my pc; i can apparently use both WPA and WPA2 settings, as the mentioned security setting is 2 settings used as one

so thanks guys, and ill try to make my future posts more clear to understand, and not faulty as i can

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Not faulty

by santeewelding In reply to thanks man

Interesting, in that you leave yourself open in so many youthful ways...

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by haxdnoob In reply to Not faulty

well i would change the settings to the more secure form, but until my dad see's that im right, i guess this security setting combo, bad or not, will just have to do

and apparently, i had to move to the living room where the router was located for it to connect to the internet

stupid distance crud

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