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I recently visited my Alma Mater, where I requested access to the campus WiFi. They sent me to the tech department, which set it up for me on my laptop. I no longer use the laptop but I WOULD like to transfer the user name and password to my new netbook. The process took hours the last time and I really don't like leaving my computer with college techs (they are students - I am a teacher at a different college BUT my computer contains sensitive info). Is there a way I can pull up my user names and passwords that are already in my laptop? I have tried managing my wireless networks via Win 7 but I don't see anything. Security is WPA2-Enterprise.

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Since the network belongs to the school,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to WiFi User Name & Password

you'll need to contact their administrator. That way everything remains in the open
and on the "up and up". Otherwise, quoting from the Q&A FAQ :
"If your problem is related to granting access to a system, program, email, or web site (such as a password or finding a back door) TechRepublic will not help you, and you may be criticized by TechRepublic peers and/or have your account/post removed.'

Please do not respond further to this thread...Thank You!
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