Wifi/WLAN always disconnects in our Win 2003 Domain Network

By stephenbill ·
Hi ladies & gentlemen,

Here is the setup, our domain network has many servers the AD,DHCP,DNS,etc. is all setup in our domain controller server, we also have an ISA Server on a different machine. And our WLAN is broadcasted via an access point (some model of DLINK).

The problem is the users who are connected only via WLAN, are always disconnected to the ISA Server every time they send out a large file thru email in a certain amount of time, they will only get connected again once they reset their WLAN Connection and after a few minutes, the icon in the ISA Firewall Client shows the green up status again, so in short I think they have some kind of quota.

So my question is there such a thing in our network? And if so where exactly can I configure it to be higher or to disable it all together, is it in ISA?

BTW, I will be notified if the user has been disconnected if the icon in their ISA Firewall Client, shows an X MARK. But the Wifi Connection says it is connected with a Strong Signal. The users are using their domain accounts FYI.

I'm very much looking forward for your response on the matter, thanks guys!

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Yes it sounds like there is a Quota and it's Defiantly linked to ISA here.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wifi/WLAN always disconne ...

As to how to alter it that's a completely different story depending on how the ISA Server was setup and which version of ISA is in use here.

However this may cover what you need here


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Ahmm... Yeah.

by stephenbill In reply to Wifi/WLAN always disconne ...

Yeah, and my question is where can I tweak it exactly in ISA? Have I mentioned that it only affects our WLAN connection?

my ISA setup is just the basic 2006 ISA Server on a W2K3 Server Enterprise Edition, my policies just consists of an allow policy of internet browsing, ftp, etc. just the essential protocols, and some deny policies for some sites.

If ISA has this as default feature, where can I increase the quota of bandwidth over a period of time? Thank you. Is there a diffserv web filter on ISA 2006? and where exactly there? thank you very much.

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