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Wiki, SharePoint, none, or other?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
What type of intranet collaboration platform do you use in your company? Wiki? SharePoint? Both? Neither? Something else?

There seems to be growing competition between Wiki and SharePoint, but at the same time, the use of both of them as internal collaboration tools seems to be growing.

If you are using these tools, how have they helped your company?

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Wiki has value...

by Ian Lewis In reply to Wiki, SharePoint, none, o ...

I have instigated the use of a Wiki where I work. It is a very convenient way of managing information and knowledge. There are plenty of choices to research when finding which wiki to use.

Of course there is no substitute for unpredjudiced needs based analysis. Cost wise Wikis win because they are easy to maintain and come from the Open Source community, there will be far less pressure to follow the constant upgrade paths inherent in products such as Sharepoint.

The greatest advantage for my company has been the ability to rapidly develop, at minimal cost, a working flexible resource in the intranet for all users to see.

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More info please

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Wiki has value...

"There are plenty of choices to research when finding which wiki to use."

Any recommendations? I'm not really sure what a wiki is yet, so I'm looking for more detail on what one is and how it might be useful.


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Choice of Wiki

by tmd0309 In reply to More info please

Check PmWiki is well structured and has a very active user/development community.

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Wiki start here

by Ian Lewis In reply to More info please

This is almost the best recursive link I could hope for...

Where you will find a history of the Wiki, uses of and other related information. Of course it is on wikipedia which is itself a wiki.

I'm a great believer in needs based selection of software so evaluate a few. This link will give a quick comparison

A very simple but effective Perl CGI wiki to try would be UseMod wiki which I have used and it does the job very effectively.

Have fun...

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Commercial wikis

by Benjamin Naftzger In reply to Wiki start here

Wiki's are with out a doubt the most pragmatic knowledge management tool I have seen to date. Having worked with the introduction of knowledge management tools and practices in a large, global IT org, I know just how much the traditional tools (document management, file sharing etc) fail to provide a solution that is really usable or, therefore, practical.

Usability and flexibility are _KEY_ to any solution. If it is easy to use, people use it. If people use it, then there is a reason for others to use it. The network effect right?

There are now a number of commercial wikis available as well - Confluence, SocialText, JotSpot etc. They tend to combine the best of all the open source tools and adds enterprise features (security, versioning etc.) and support that professional organisations often need in a collaborative system like a wiki.

From what I know, Confluence ( is the world's most widely deployed (over 600 orgs using it) commercial wiki. The feature tour gives a nice run down of the functionality as well:

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Come on now

by BUGLE74 In reply to Commercial wikis

Are you talking about Confluence? I start to see this site a propaganda machine instead of acquiring real technical advise.

I have evaluated Confluence, I'm not impress

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by techrepublic1 In reply to Come on now

I've used several wikis over the course of several years (i.e actually used as opposed to evaluated) and confluence is by far the best.

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by jkaing In reply to Wiki has value...
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Mindtouch Down

by durocshark In reply to TRY...

"Sorry! The wiki is experiencing some technical difficulties, and cannot contact the database server.
Access denied for user 'wikiuser'@'localhost' (using password: YES)"

LoL. That took Mindtouch quickly out of the running for me. :)

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by ken In reply to Wiki, SharePoint, none, o ...

Check out DotNetNuke, free version of Sharepoint Portal

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