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Wildblue and Selling on eBay

By murray1987 ·
I'm an eBay Power Seller. I use dial-up because cable/dsl is not available to me. I heard about Wildblue. Does anyone know anyone that sells a lot on eBay that uses Wildblue?

I get so many errors when uploading to eBay. My dial-up connection is usually 19k-26k-56k.

Selling on eBay is our only means of income and if it takes satellite then I don't mind switching IF it works well with eBay and I will be able to work faster and get more items on. Right now I get knocked off so much, get "page can not be found", and many times I have to turn my computer off and back on just to get the dial-up to connect properly becuase it thinks it is still connected.

Please advice me from anyone that has experience with dial-up AND satellite internet connections wit eBay. Any difference or are there known conflicts.


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Wildblue Service

by fredeppy In reply to Wildblue and Selling on e ...

I do not sell on ebay but I do use Wildblue service. I can tell you that download speeds will greatly improve over dial up and upload speeds will improve but not a great amount. As for reliability I have had a couple of storm related problems that were a minor inconvienience, it would go out for a few minutes, but then again we get some violent storms here in the Missouri Ozarks. I am in the same boat as you with trying to find broadband service and I am satisfied with Wildblue.

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