Will a 32 bit OS/Drivers work on a 64 bit server?

By ne0cl0ud ·
Its just that many of the applications I have are 32 bit.. and they won't work on 64 bit.

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Yes (short answer, longer to follow)

by JamesRL In reply to Will a 32 bit OS/Drivers ...

My home workstation is actually a server in a worlstation chasis, complete with Xeon processors, usually only found in servers. It happily runs 32 bit Vista and XP, even though it was designed for high end users who would want a 64 bit OS. The limitation of course is RAM, the 32 bit OS can only see 4GB - (amount varies by server, mine is about 760MB) of RAM, whereas the machine is capable of much more (16GB on mine, up to 32 GB on newer servers).

Of course you need to read the fine print, but I'm not aware of any 64 bit machines that can't run a 32 bit OS as well.


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Simple answer

by Wizard-09 In reply to Will a 32 bit OS/Drivers ...
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Why do you think that?

by JamesRL In reply to Simple answer

I gave my personal experience. But I can also share that my company sells hundreds of servers a year, for the past 5 years we've been selling 64 bit capable servers with a 32bit OS (windows 2003 server, 32 bit) and never a problem. We switched to 64 bit when we switched to 2008 because customers needed servers with more RAM, and not a problem.


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Miss took

by Wizard-09 In reply to Why do you think that?

The question James, silly me lol

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