Will a HD wipe cancel the external CD-ROM booting as first drive?

By Woodtears ·

My PC takes ages to install programs, scans give the same problem, generally slow machine. Spy Sweeper detects the PC tries to contact blacklisted sites and blocks then the communication. I guess that is the problem. Now it is so that nothing has help to locate and kill the issue. I tried rootkit detection programs, spywares/worms/malware programs, re-installing the system from scratch, antivirus search with several different Antivirus Software. Nothing helped.

So, I am considering to wipe the hard drive totally (with WipeDrive or KillDisk) and after that install the Operative System again. My internal CD-ROM does not function but I do have a bootable external CD-ROM set to be the first device to boot, before the hard drive. I have an external hard drive too. USB.

My questions are:

1. after such a wipe will I still be able to boot from the external CD-ROM, that was bootable prior to the wipe? So that I can re-install Xp Pro.
2. Having the external hard drive still plugged in to the PC via its USB, while at the same time wiping the internal HD, will it gives problems if it is infected? I have scanned it and there is nothing anyway according to antivirus software (NOD32, Comodo).

Thanks for help!

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Will a HD wipe cancel the ...

Yes you can still boot from the CD-ROM after a wipe like this, as long as the bois is set to boot from CD-ROM.

It wont be a problem it you have a USB hard drive plugged in when doing the wide as long as you dont select it to be wiped also hope this helps you.

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Yes you can still boot from the CD-ROM

by Woodtears In reply to Answer

Ok, thank you. It helps. I will proceed later to do a wipe first, zero writings thing, after it I will format, do partitions and re-install Xp Pro from the bootable external CD-ROM.

Thanks a lot!

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USB CDROM boot fucntin is controlled by the BIOS.

by 1bn0 In reply to Will a HD wipe cancel the ...

If it will boot now it should still boot later.

Wiping the internal drive while the external hdd is connected should not be an issue, However, there is always the possibilty of poorly written utility software erasing the wrong drive and of User Error.

I always try to err on the side of caution and disconnect external hdd's if I am formating or partitioning an internal drive. I will also disconnect any additonal internal drives so that I can only acces the drive I am trying to wipe.

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If it will boot now it should still boot later.

by Woodtears In reply to USB CDROM boot fucntin is ...

Ok, thanks. I think, yes, I will disconnect the external USB HDD before wiping. Thank you! :)

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Forgot question about BIOS and MBR...

by Woodtears In reply to USB CDROM boot fucntin is ...

After a wipe then: is BIOS settings still there? What about MBR? If evrything gets totally wipe will the Windows Xp Pro cd for installing create everything? MBR and so on?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Forgot question about BIO ...

The bios will still be there, the Master Boot Record will be recreated.

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by Woodtears In reply to Bios

Ok, thank you!


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