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Will a Netgear Switch work with Cisco AVVID system?

By jr_hearty ·
My company recently install a Cisco Call Manager VOIP system. I have 6 people moving to a room with only one ethernet port for only 6-8 months. I do not want to run more drops. I was wondering if a Netgear Layer 3 switch like this one:
would work with Cisco 7940 phones. My biggest concern is CDP. I know the switch supports VLANs and port trunking - so really, CDP is my only concern? Does anyone know if this will work?

Thanks in advance for you suggestions.

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by wroming In reply to Will a Netgear Switch wor ...

CDP is a standard with in Cisco so naturally the netgear will not have CDP. But, as long as it supports the 802.1q which is does it should be just fine. The only thing is, is if you are providing inline to the phones you are going to need a power brick.

Also, on a side note personally I would get rid of everything and standardize on piece of equipment such as Cisco. We have had terrible luck with Netgear equipment and that is just my opinion take it how you will.

But, to anwser your question it should work fine. But be sure that if you are vlaning everything off that the port that the netgear plugs into the Cisco gear is on Vlan1 then you will be fine. Also disable spanningtree port fast on that port so that the Cisco switch will know it is not an end device.

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by jr_hearty In reply to

Thanks for your comments. I just told them they would need to either run more drops to that room buy an acceptable Cisco switch. Your comments on Netgear are interesting. I have had the exact opposite experience with their products - but I have not used them much for managed switching either.

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by jr_hearty In reply to Will a Netgear Switch wor ...

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