Will anyone help me with an Excel problem?

By Ron K. ·
I have data in a text format: c,b,a,d,e, <br>
I want to sort that into alphabetical order in column A, ascending, each value on it's own row without having to do it manually. It's a large text file. <br>
I can't figure out how to do it or even if it CAN be done.<br>
If it's not too much trouble could you please help me? Knowing that it can't be done would be helpful too.

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It's not homework.

by Ron K. In reply to Will anyone help me with ...

I'm 53 years old and happily retired. Besides, if it was homework I'd say it was.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Will anyone help me with ...

function under editing (Excel 2007)? i'm just guessing...i haven't messed around with excel a whole lot, but most of what i've learned is current...(crossing my fingers that it's helpful :) )

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You're helpful.

by Ron K. In reply to sort

:) I've found the Sort function but the problem is that all of the letters (representing words) are all in cell A1. Sort, by itself, sees them as one big word so it does nothing. <br>
I think each letter in my example would be called a CSV, comma separated value. <br>
I've found a lot about CSV using Google but I'm not even sure that's what I need.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to You're helpful.

i don't know much about CSV...Darryl may have an idea but he's not around right now...i'll pick his brain in the morning or ask him to read your post...good luck in the mean time :)

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by Ron K. In reply to hmmm

I'll get back into reading more tomorrow to see if I can figure it out. <br>
Here's a thumb for you just because I can give 'em.

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Hi Ron, like NexS said down below

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Thanks.

All you have to do is change the extention from .txt to .csv and it will open in excel fine.

Sometimes I want to manipulate the data in the text file before bringing it into an Excel those cases I import it into Access - that gives me the ability to choose which columns/fields I want and I can even change them to different formats incase I want to...for instance, I can change a text field to a date field or a number fielf to a text field.

Once I have it in Access the way I like it, I export it to a CSV file so it can be opened in Excel.

I convert a lot of different files like that quite regularly at work...we quite often get data in PDF format that we have to get into a database, that can be difficult, let me or PurpleSkys know if you run into anything like that...I can help you out

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Thanks, Darryl.

by Ron K. In reply to Hi Ron, like NexS said do ...

I''m trying to wake up. I changed my text extension, put my data into Cell A! and it didn't sort; it just sat there. <br>
I'll provide a better example and explanation of what I'm trying to do down below. I want to try Access first even though I know virtually nothing about it. Maybe I can figure it out. I'll post back.<br>
You given me hope.

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as i understand

by NexS In reply to Will anyone help me with ...

to 'export' an excel file into a text document, columns are separated by commas.
So it only seems fair that you can import these back into excel.
is that the question? if not, i'm not sure what the question is...

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i just checked

by NexS In reply to as i understand

I just created a test 'txt' document with 5 columns and 2 rows.
Each column is separated by a comma and each row separated by a line break(new line).
All i did was rename the file from 'New Text Document.txt' to 'New Text Document.csv' and it opened in excel perfectly.

Hope that helps with getting your 'sort' function to work

Edited for clarity

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Here's another explanation.

by Ron K. In reply to as i understand

I have this sort of text in an .odt, OpenOffice, document: Robertson, Grant, Applebee, Johnson,<br>
There are 578 words/3,672 characters and they are all in one continuous 'sentence' or 'paragraph', all lumped together, simply separated by commas. <br>
I'm trying to sort them alphabetically in a single column from A to Z with A at the top and Z at the bottom. <br>
I tried just putting c,a,b, in cell A1 of an Office 2003 Excel spreadsheet thinking that if I could sort those few letters I'd be able to sort the pile. No luck, so far. <br>
I have Office 2007 available if that's any better for doing what I want to do.

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