Will changing IP address stop bogus emails

By gpwn ·
Vista OS. Somehow there are emails going out to all my contacts from my msn email that I'm not sending. I've tried MSN, AT&T, scanning for viruses; created a new email address now it's sending too. MSN says the problem is in the internet. Can changing my IP address solve this problem? Please help!!


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try changing

by PurpleSkys In reply to Will changing IP address ...

your msn password...

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I've done that several times.

by gpwn In reply to try changing

It didn't help. Any other suggestions?

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Sounds more like

by santeewelding In reply to Will changing IP address ...

You, the source, and your machine. If, as they tell you, it's the internet, then you have been had by The Cloud.

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The Cloud??

by gpwn In reply to Sounds more like

What is the Cloud? How do I resolv this problem or is there something out there that can get rid of it? Why didn't any of the security scans pick it up? I've changed the password several times as someone else suggested from another answer. We are wanting to get another laptop but are afraid to. I need to get rid of the problem first.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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"The Cloud"

by santeewelding In reply to The Cloud??

Is the "something out there" from which you beseech the help that got you into trouble in the first place. I'm telling you that the help lies with you, as in, self-help.

Sounds more and more like your machine is owned, and not by you.

Sounds, also, as though further, self-directed learning on your part -- i.e., "The Cloud" -- may be necessary.

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Could have had previous malware

by seanferd In reply to Will changing IP address ...

that stole you address book. The From field can be forged.

Or, it stole some other person's address book which has contacts in common with you.

My boss had his system compromised (it is going around right now), and I get email supposedly from him, but it is really from two entirely different addresses.

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stolen address book

by gpwn In reply to Could have had previous m ...

Is there a fix? I sent the header to msn and asked them to block it but they shut down my account. After several months of arguing, they finally turned it back on, but I'm still "sending" and recieving this stuff.

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No, there isn't.

by seanferd In reply to stolen address book

If and external party already has the addresses, what would you do about it? The only option there is for you and all your contacts receiving the fake mail to kill your accounts and create new ones with different addresses. You cannot stop spoofing. That's like asking for a way to stop someone from posting a letter to a friend of yours while using your street address as the return address. Can't be done.

If your machine is rooted and part of a botnet, you may not be able to tell for sure. Do scans with the OS offline, from a bootable CD .

Better, back up your data and completely wipe the HDD with DBAN or Killdisk (don't delete a Recovery Partition if that is all you have to reinstall your OS and OEM apps & drivers).

Getting a new laptop now or later won't make a whit of difference. Get one if it suits you to do so now.

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A couple of more things to try

by lee In reply to No, there isn't.

What security software are you using? There are only about 3 to 5 anti-virus programs out of the hundreds out there that are any good. I tell my clients that a good anti-virus program is only 70% of the job, the other 30% is user internet behavior which can be controlled through better end user education etc. The only anti-virus software I use and have consitently for at least the last 10 years is NOD32 by Eset. I deploy this on all servers and workstations along with some user education on what not to do and what to be aware of etc and I can honestly say, we have no issues in regards to infections on servers, workstations or networks in general. Uninstall what ever you are using and download a trial of NOD32 and install it. While your at it, download and install a copy of Malwarebytes as well and have that running everytime windows boots to desktop. If there is Malware on there it will find it. It s also very good at block rogue ip addresses which malicious applications may be trying access with out you knowing. Make sue that you set both these programs with the most secure/stringent settings. You should by Malwarebytes to get the full benefit of te program and its not expensive at all for what you get. I also deploy this program on all servers and workstations as well. Another program to use which I beleive is the best for detecting spyware is PC Tools Spyware Doctor (Without Anti-virus) However, the downside with this program is it is very memory hungry to have it running all the time. Do full scans of your pc with NOD and Malwarebytes while in full desktop mode and see what you find. After that, reboot into safe mode and run the same programs again, especially Malwarebytes option to scan memory. Once you have done that, run Spyware Doctor and make sure you update it with the latest definitions. Go custom scan settings and tick every setting you see before running a scan. It will say not to scan in safe mode but just ignore that. This scan with take some time to complete, but if anything is found it will be displayed while the scan is in progress. Once all that is completed, reboot back in to normal windows and perform a very aggressive Registry clean using Auslogics BootSpeed software which contains a number of utilities. se the registry clean option with all the options enabled and run it. You may have to do this once or twice. Make sure you tick the Active X option as well. If none of the options that I have suggested have worked, the only other option is changing your network card. In the past we have come accross malicious software that associate with your mac address or external IP address especially so i you have a static ip address. It is worth a try before you nuke the HDD. I like to find out why and how to all pc/server issues before tking to the extreme measures. But in the real world this is not always possible especially when working on client systems and you do not have the luxury to perform more indepth investigations. Try these and if all else fails, NUKE that HDD. Also, jst make sure you have a full validated backup before you perform any of the above options..
Good Luck!

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Sounds like a plan

by santeewelding In reply to A couple of more things t ...

Let's just hope he has a clue about what you are saying.

Me, I don't think he does.

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