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Will different distros of Linux work together.

By sleyba ·
First off, I am a newbie to the Unix/Linux world. At my company we are looking to do a change over of our current production and file server software. We are looking to dump windows as our server and go Linux. The producton software we are looking at is Axis which runs on a red hat linux platform, and my director would like to go to apple desktops running with Yellow Dog. We also will have some laptops still running Windows clients (XP Pro) and Office 2003. Can this all be done under one box? Any insights on this will be much appreciated. Also has any one worked with Axis before or have any comments on it?

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by Penguin Netwerx In reply to Will different distros of ...

Although I've never worked with Axis, I will say that as far as Linux is concered, all distros should play along nicely with one another.

One question, though: Why get rid of the current desktops and replace them with Macs, as opposed to using the same hardware and installing some flavor of Linux?

As far as the Office issue, is not a drop-in replacement for MS Office, but it's a far better solution IMHO, and works on almost every platform.

Using Samba on your file server, all clients can connect to it to share data, whether they are running XP or some flavor of Linux or UNIX.

As far as a solution "under one box", are you specifically looking for one distribution that can do everything (has OOo, Samba, etc.) or one physical machine to do everything (as a server maybe?)

Please let me know if this helps, or if you require any additional information.


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by sleyba In reply to

Thanks for your help. You gave me what I needed to know to get started with. I don't know all the details of the program they are looking at yet but I like your suggestions. Thanks much again.

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by sleyba In reply to Will different distros of ...

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