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Will free Microsoft Office kill OpenOffice?

By hason_hu ·
Microsoft is going to offer free ad-supported Office 14 next year. Microsoft claims it is for fighting pirate copy. However I read this blog today.

The point is Microsoft use free ad-supported product to kill open source software like OpenOffice. Is that possible?

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It's not free

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Will free Microsoft Offic ...

if it's ad supported.

Advertising drives me up a wall. I'll part with money long before I part with sanity.

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And bandwidth.

by seanferd In reply to It's not free

I'd suppose they would try to use little bandwidth, but I'll bet it will turn into a problem at some point.

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And what other cr@p would be built in

by The Scummy One In reply to Will free Microsoft Offic ...

and how much space will it take from the app?

I think it is a pitiful attempt, but still better than what has come out of MS in a while.
No, I dont think it would kill Open Office, however, who knows what Oracle will do to it ?

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I agree about Oracle....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to And what other cr@p would ...

...being the bigger threat to OO than is M$FT.

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Is MS Office better ?

by j-mart In reply to Will free Microsoft Offic ...

From my experience using MS Office at work, and Open Office at home I find little difference when it comes to getting the job done. At work use MS office for manuals for equipment the company I work for manufactures, sometimes when I need to meet a deadline I will, rather than stay at work, take a manual home and work on it on my Linux machine with Open Office. If anything, I find Open Office better for this type of work.

I'm just an average user of office type software, my main usage being manuals and a collection of spread sheets used to calculate details for design of products I work with and have yet to find any limitations in using Open office over MS Office.

Can anyone give me answers as to in what features MS office has that makes it a more productive choice for a task, justifying the expense of purchasing MS office over the free Open Office.

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OO is better is a few ways that aren't used every day

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Is MS Office better ?

I do a lot of writing of fiction books now and one requirement is to have a print ready PDF file to lodge with the publisher. In OO I've cute little icon on the tool bar where I click on that and it does an automatic Save As PDF - can't do that in a default MS Office, you need to add extras.

I don't know about Office 2007, but in Office XP and Office 2003 I was NOT able to open and read my old Word 2 documents, anything created in a MS product released prior to Office 97 came out jumbled as the new versions of Office couldn't read them. yes I could get, after much searching, patches from MS to download and add to the Office 2003 and Office XP to do this; but the OO did it as a default capability.

MS try not to let you work with non MS products so getting them to work with anything else is a major issue, while OO do it all routinely and with no trouble.

I also have troubles formatting for the books the few times I tried using Office for the stories, it took a lot longer to get the page set ups and mirror imaging etc. set right, about three times as long as it took with OO, and even then the MS Office would sometimes lose the headers and footers settings.

I've not found a USEFUL feature in MS Office that OO doesn't have and do better. Also, the price difference is great.

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Open Office verses MS Office

by j-mart In reply to OO is better is a few way ...

Many seem to have the opinion as to MS office being the "superior product", but none can list a set of features to back this opinion up. I myself have a preference for Open Office as out of the box reads more file formats and I find it easier to set out pages in a document. But as I am no "expert" this is only my opinion. It would be great if those that are certain Open Office is not quite up to MS office could list a few reasons to go with their argument.

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It's prettier and, hate to say this, bloatware or not, Office 2007's ribbon

by HypnoToad72 In reply to Is MS Office better ?

is pretty darn nice.

Still, MS could have cleaned up the underlying code -- they removed some scanner menu functions and yet the "WordBasic" code still exists! When looking up WHY that direct scanning menu option was removed was the first time I heard about the antiquated "WordBasic". And the function is still there; the menu option was just removed. Slop slop, where's the trough folks?

Spaghetti for virtual dinner, anyone? It's a mess.

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It is hard to say

by donbaker In reply to Will free Microsoft Offic ...

Currently, MS Office has >90% user base, OpenOffice has <9% user base(mainly used by IT professionals).

Sun's model is freeware(OpenSource) + shareware(StarOffice $34.99) + donate. This model works not very well because number 1 user base is not big enough, number 2 most existing users only uses freeware instead of pay a penny. Unless more than 50% OpenOffice fans donate or pay, otherwise it is hard to grow.

I worked in Sun before. Internally Sun considered ad-supported model two years ago, when Microsoft leaked this idea in 2007. Because of license and other concerns, SUN dropped this idea eventually.

Think about how much money MS earned from office. But SUN did not make enough. It proves freeware + shareware model doesn't work well. Not sure if Oracle will consider to use ad-supported model to fight back. Larry is a smart and strong guy. He may.

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The only reason a lot of people use MS office

by Deadly Ernest In reply to It is hard to say

is it comes pre bundled on their Dell and HP crap systems. Even then a lot are loading OO and ignoring the MS Office package. I'd love to know where those stats on market share come from.

I know a lot of web pages now won't let you access unless your browser says you use MSIE, so many people use a little setting in FF that has it tell the world it's MSIE to view such pages. Thus they mess up the stats badly.

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