Will HTC Droid work world wide?

By davenjudyho ·
I am living on my sailboat and would like to enter the world of smart phones. I like the idea of android. There are all kinds of possibilities for sailboat cruising. We are rarely in one country for more than 2 or 3 months. We need to be able to use sim cards world wide. Any suggestions? Thanks..

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This is more to do with the Carrier than the actual Phone

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Will HTC Droid work world ...

But yes the Droid will work World Wide and if you get a carrier to support World Wide Roaming you'll find that it's expensive to use outside their home country.

Possibly the easiest way to proceed here is to buy Prepaid Sim Cards in each new country and use the phone that way. Update your Web Site or send out a Bulk E-Mail to all your friends whenever you change a Sim Card.

Of course if you go for one of the 4G phones that are becoming available there will need to be a suitable network in the countries that you visit to get the full use out of the phone.


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Making it clear

by davenjudyho In reply to This is more to do with t ...

The G4 phones will still work on G3 networks...What are the advantages of the G4 system? I need Mobil Phone for Dummies.... Any good web sites? Thanks for the help...

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Ask an easy question why don't you?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Making it clear

:^0 :^0

While a G4 system is supposed to be quite a bit faster in the Data Access Times and the way that it is currently being rolled out they should work with the slower 3G Networks in place which are quite a bit faster than what the 3G networks replaced.

This link may prove helpful however

The main sticking point however is that none of the current Cell Phone Providers are World Wide they at the moment are still restricted to Country Wide and some have deals with other companies in different countries hence the Global Roaming Options that some Carries provide. The down side is that this service comes at a Premium Price so they charge you through the nose for it. OK for business's but not so good for private users particularly those sailing the world who already have more than enough costs in keeping rigging intact and workable. Not to mention replacing any sails that get damaged along the way or in the case of someone like me using sail bags with sails in them to fill a hole in the hull till we could get to port and do some repairs. Didn't do that Kevlar sail any good at all but even that was better than the boat sinking.

The moral of that story is Hitting a Hump Back whale while on a racing boat in a race isn't a very good idea even when it's dark and you can not see the whale it's a good idea to avoid them. Or if you like Tupperware containers fiberglass don't make good boat hulls. I don't think it hurt the whale all that much but it certainly didn't do me any good as I was asleep under where the hole was made at the time. A very interesting way of waking the Navigator up though it's probably not the best idea. :^0

Lets know if the above link isn't any use.


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A Whale of a deal

by davenjudyho In reply to Ask an easy question why ...

Thanks for the help. I have ordered a HTC Tatoo. We are usually in one country long enough to get a sim card... They are usually very cheep. We'll see how I fair in the new world of smart phones. Wow! I know several boats that have hit whales. Seems like we have hit almost every thing else. Now writing while passing through the Suez Canal ... haven't hit a ship yet... Had a shark bite our dinghy just as we were entering the water for a dive in Fakarava, Tuamotos, French Poly. Check our blog:

THanks again!

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Yep attempting to drown the Navigator

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to A Whale of a deal

In the Sydney Hobart Race probably wasn't the smartest move but it certainly woke me up with a start. :^0

Anyway I hope that I was of some assistance to you and I hope that everything works out well.


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