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    Will I have problems with a laptop that ships with Windows 11 S Mode?


    by swoosh.spartan.0t ·


    I’ve been doing a lot of searching for a laptop with quality specs on my tight budget. Going into this I simply didn’t have much knowledge on PCs…

    The laptop I’m looking at has the minimum processor I’m looking for with 8 GB RAM and 256 SSD, but it ships with Windows 11 S. From what I’ve looked up it sounds like I could easily switch out of S mode but I’m fearful the laptop would run poorly if I did that. I’ve read that machines are usually built for the OS that they’re equipped with when sold.

    Should I avoid this route and look at more costly options that don’t have S mode? I have zero intention of only using Microsoft apps so if needed I have no issue eliminating laptops that come with S mode.

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