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Will I notice this CPU upgrade?

By TheWiz ·
I have a three year old E-Machine T-1840 with that screaming 1.8ghz Celeron.
I have upgraded everything over this time, ram 1gig,2 barracudas with 8mg caches,fans,burners,software tweaks to the sky.....but under a lot of load the 1.8 gets bottlenecked, say converting video files.
I found a new 2.6ghz with the same specs, 400mhz fsb,128mb L2 cache and so forth.
Would it be worth the money,$79.00 to do this, or would a higher fsb work with the OEM trigem MOBO?
Thanks for your input.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Will I notice this CPU up ...

An $80 upgrade for a MOBO and CPU. Good price,
speed increase is marginally higher, would be hardly noticable but could do the trick for
you, won't know till you try. While you got that
$80 in your hand, find a MOBO and CPU with that
higher FSB, then throw in new memory to go
with the upped FSB and you might as well start
all over again and do it right for todays specs.

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by TheWiz In reply to Will I notice this CPU up ...

It's just the CPU i'm getting, that's why I was wondering if a different fsb could be used[with my OEM trigem board] to accomplish more throughput if necessary,or must the cache and fsb be the same as the 1.8?
I'm trying to stick with the same MOBO.

The L2 is 128kb, mybad.........

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Will I notice this CPU up ...

If it's a 2.6 Pentium and not a Celeron you'll notice a massive difference as they have a lot more On Chip Cache, Faster FSB and just work so much better.

The only thing that you really need to watch out for is that you are getting the same socket as the latest Intel's are all now 775 Socket and they will not fit into an older P4 Socket.


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by TheWiz In reply to

I got the part, put it in in about an hour and couldn't be happier. Backups take one-third the time, no load-up when running bitorrent, and on and on! Like you said, the cache going from 128 to 512 made it.....and the xtra gig of clock speed doesn't hurt, thanks. Dave

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by TheWiz In reply to Will I notice this CPU up ...

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