Will ISPs increase upload speeds with increasing popularity of The Cloud?

By kevin_chong ·
With the increasing popularity of "The Cloud" for anywhere access to files, will ISP's increase their upload speeds to keep up with user demands (ie bigger files/multiple uploads) or will the ghost of illegal file sharing still haunt them?

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The ISP's will continue with what they have

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Will ISPs increase upload ...

Unless there is some outside force to introduce competition to increase speeds particularly Upload Speeds.

What will happen is that as more and more people go Wireless the Speeds will drop as more use the available Spectrum which is limited and the Coverage will get progressively worse.

The current ISP only have 2 options increase existing Bandwidth to the upper Available Limit or insert more Cell Towers which is very unpopular with the General Public. Here the problem is with the Wireless connection not the Backbone between the Towers and the Internet/Cloud.

There is a limit as to how many people can access the Internet or if you prefer to call it the Cloud through each Cell Tower and the more that use a particular Tower the slower the connection is going to be with more chance of Drop Outs Occurring and the coverage range decreasing.

Basic Physics Im afraid which unless you can break the Laws of Nature can not currently be overcome.


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