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    Will it be possible for me?

    by throwaway9511 ·

    A few years ago i got arrested for a misdemeanor. Even though there was no conviction and my arrest got expunged can I still get an IT job or is that not possible now?

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      No conviction? Should not be an issue.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Will it be possible for me?

      Unless you mean the case is awaiting trial or plead guilty. If you didn’t fight it (mind you I am not a lawyer and we have 50+ states with varying laws) then you left it sit. Get legal help to clean up your record.

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        by throwaway9511 ·

        In reply to No conviction? Should not be an issue.

        I mean exactly what I meant. The case got dismissed and there was no conviction just an arrest and it was expunged. Still I don’t think i’m able to get a job now.

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          I can’t guess why you think this.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to what?

          Find a lawyer or job counselor to assuage your fears. I see no reason what you’ve written here will impede your job search.

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          so what

          by throwaway9511 ·

          In reply to I can’t guess why you think this.

          I spoke to someone about this and my arrest was actually expunged and everything still soo what? I have no legit chance at getting a job in the tech industry now.

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          I don’t see why you write this.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to so what

          If you have no record, then it never happened. Move on.

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      by cyb0rg320 ·

      In reply to Will it be possible for me?

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      All depends

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Will it be possible for me?

      As others have said No Conviction just means no issues in most places in the World, however countries like China never arrest anyone who are not guilty so that can be an issue.

      Also it depends on the jobs you are applying for for instance running the IT Systems in a Nuclear Launch Site will be something that needs looking into but running a Help Desk for some Online Store shouldn’t be an issue. So basically anything you need a Security Clearance for will cause questions to be asked and you should volunteer this information as failing to disclose it always means when they find out they will frog march out out the door with Security to make sure you don’t do anything and you’ll be the first port of call for any problems that have arisen. After it is human nature to do the least work possible and if you have 2 people one with a perfectly clean record who has been there for years and is considered the ideal worker and the other a new guy been there a month who has told lies on their application by omission who do you think the Investigator will want to speak to first?

      Also the type of work in IT varies dramatically and years ago every programmer was considered if not a Serial Killer not far from it
      so depending on what you got arrested for that may be applicable. Getting arrested for Dangerous Driving will not matter at all but if you got arrested for Treason that again is a different story.

      So while generally speaking it should not matter what the charge was and the position you are applying for do. For instance the Manning Guy will never be employed in any Government Job ever again after leaking to WikiLeaks and he was given a Pardon and no one would think for a second they would be now.

      So the only answer I can give is “IT ALL DEPENDS” on the charge and the jobs you are applying for.

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