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Will It Ever Get Fixed?

By dogknees ·
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Will the problems with this site EVER get fixed? There seems to be no response from the mods or anyone else for the last week or more.

How about at least telling us if we will ever get our "Stuff" back. Will the multiple posts ever get fixed? Will the spreadsheet ever be updated?

It's like they've abandoned ship and left us to sink!

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Well Dogknees...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Will It Ever Get Fixed?

as one of the moderators, let me assure you that ALL of the moderators share in your misery, if not more so, because we CAN'T really moderate anything! I'm having to fallback on a browser I don't normally use to post, but it doesn't do as well on all the other sites I visit. My normal browsers...the site sort of displays acceptably, but is non-responsive (Opera, 11.64 and 12.16, as well as IE8 and IE10) was having problems before this fiasco. Anyway, the moderators are just as much "in the dark" as the rest of the members. If I had any inside information, I would go out of my way to find some way to let members know, but I don't at the moment. No ETA on when things will be fixed.
Sharing your misery...Wiz

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Oh, forgot about the spreadsheet...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Will It Ever Get Fixed?

it is updated! When you add a bug report to it, it automatically saves the changes, even if you put something in the wrong spot! I found that out early on, I had added a bug report, one of the first, using IE 8 but it didn't look like anything was there...went back a few hours later with Opera 11.64 in Slax, and by golly, there was my bug report??? BUT, I couldn't use Opera to add another???
As for My ETA, last I heard a couple weeks ago "we're working on it". Multiple posts and threads (where a reply is added to the comment you are actually replying to!!!) no ETA on those either.
Man the lifeboats...the pumps are overworked!

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by dogknees In reply to Oh, forgot about the spre ...

Last time I checked, there were no responses from TR to most of the problems posted in the workbook.

I do thank you for the response, but there's not much appearing in the other Discussions on the subject. Even if there was an update every few days on the threads to let us know work is continuing it would help.

I understand the issues in a rollout from personal experience but I would have thought rolling back while the problems were fixed might have been the way to go. As it is, the place is dying before our eyes, and I for one will be sad if these problems turn it into a ghost town.


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Re: Rolling back

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to But

A couple of us asked about rolling back to the "old" TR....we were told it was not an option but weren't given an explanation, I suspect it's because the site is on a totally different platform and the servers have been changed to accommodate it.

But like Wiz said, we are as much in the dark as everyone else and haven't been getting updates's very frustrating.


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All of it is being worked on...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Will It Ever Get Fixed?

1: Your stuff - this is in progress right now. Nothing has been lost, just needs to have some back-end work done to make it display in your profile as it should.

2: Multiple posts - This was fixed already, is this still happening for you? Can you tell me OS/Browser?

- Tammy [_]3
Community Manager, TechRepublic, ZDNet and SmartPlanet

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Will It Ever Get Fixed?

I can post again.

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Try in a few different areas....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to test

I can in some but not in others.

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Still Not Working

by dogknees In reply to Will It Ever Get Fixed?

We still appear to have several issues but no communication from the site to tell us if they're getting fixed or not.

On the main page, there are no posting counts for items after the first page full. You can't tell if or when there were comments on articles.

My Stuff still hasn't recovered the historical stuff and still doesn't include posts to other peoples discussions as it used to.

I see Post counts of -1 all the time. If the mods could explain what that number means in respect to a count of posts, I would be impressed.

There is no indication of when the last comment was made on a discussion. So, no way to see if there have been updates other than to go into the post and work you way through the whole thread checking the dates. That has to be the worst way of tracking updates to discussions I've ever seen anywhere!

So, again I ask, will it ever be fixed? If it's going to stay the same, how about some explanation of how one might track discussions without having to keep notes or browse the whole thread! Or how one might find posts to the older articles?

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