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    Will it work for me?


    by roary37 ·

    I have a desktop computer that is wired and a lap that is wireless. Both are connected by a Modem and a router. However I cannot play videos on my desktop because the video will only run for a few seconds. But if I disconnect the laptop from the router and plug it directly into the Modem I have no problem with running videos. What I need to know is how can I have each computer connected separately Then I would have no problem running videos. Thank you for any help you can provide.


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      by roary37 ·

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      Your router is most likely misconfigured

      by robo_dev ·

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      A common error is that the device that your ISP calls a modem is often actually a firewall and NAT router. When you plug another firewall/router into it, performance suffers terribly.

      A properly configured router is capable of providing bandwidth to each device that is typically much faster than the WAN can provide, the only exception would be that an older standard Wireless LAN connection may only provide around 5Mbs of throughput, while some home internet connections these days are as fast as 25 Mbs, though most are typically 3-12 Mbs.

      For starters, what type of Internet service do you have?
      What make/model of modem?
      What make/model of router?

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      Why do you have a modem?

      by thatitguyty ·

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      I’m thinking that your router alone should be sufficient for you home network. The modem given to you by your isp (like robo_dev said) may not be a modem at all and your network at home is suffering serious throughput issues because of its setup.

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