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Will Linux Die in 2018?

By jmgarvin ·
Apparently this author thinks so:

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by apotheon In reply to Will Linux Die in 2018?

This guy has his facts bass-ackwards in so many ways I don't even know where to start. There are some actual threats to the survival of Linux, but this guy managed to construct an entire article prognosticating the end of Linux without referring to a single one of the real threats to its survival. Every supposed threat he brings up is a fantasy based on profound misunderstanding of things like software development process, political process, and the computer hardware industries.

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What a Bullcrap article!

by Why Me Worry? In reply to poppycock

The author has absolutely no concept of software or harware and how it interacts with different operating systems. This author is clearly talking out of the **** with no facts to back it up.

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by dawgit In reply to Will Linux Die in 2018?

did Windows die in the year 2000? oops, no. This guy has got to be located in the US., and he is one of the clueless at that. Just because he can't figure it out, he thinks it's just going to go away. He really needs to find his own planet. He even references the "Cinema Industry" as one example, does he have any idea what has been done lately (and making money) on which OS? (and, now I know why it's not done in the US, but in Germany.) tsk-tsk, Who's listening to this truck load of krap? Sad, so sad.... -d

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Author of article is a "YASU"

by Why Me Worry? In reply to 'Y'


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not american

by Jaqui In reply to 'Y'


says so on the bottom of the article.

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What a twonk

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Will Linux Die in 2018?

50 new ubuntu users, now there's a representative sample of the linux community.

Must be some sort of stooge for the media industry, or he's an idiot.

We are going to have to get rid of all the lamp servers in the world because we can't play mp3's on them ?
If he was a american he'd be a muppet.

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by apotheon In reply to What a twonk

I can play MP3s just fine. What the **** is he talking about?

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He seemed to be saying

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MP3s?

Linux will die because 50 ubuntu newbies couldn't get media player going.

If he wasn't saying that I'm even more confused.

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Forget MP3's for a moment and more to the point

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MP3s?

I would love to see the Movie Industry stuck with Windows Boxes to do all their CG work.

That would increase the money spent by several Billion $ and add several years to each movie that relies on a lot of CG.

I wounder if this Yobo has even seen some of the Commercial programs available for this platform and is only basing his beliefs alone the free stuff that anyone can download as they see fit.

Personally I will not be moving any of my Nix Servers off Linux particularly the IBM Blades as they have a 48 Hour Guarantee for a fix for the supported Nix Products that they sell. I only wish I could get that fast a service from MS when it's required.


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You can get a 48-hour turnaround from Microsoft.

by nighthawk808 In reply to Forget MP3's for a moment ...

Just tell them you think your employer's copies of Office are unlicensed.

Oh, wait, you meant tech support? Never mind.

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