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Will Nortel/Avaya combo be a real Cisco rival or not?

By robo_dev ·
A federal bankruptcy judge has approved the sale of Nortel Networks? Enterprise Solutions unit to New Jersey telecommunications equipment company Avaya in a deal worth $**5 million.

On paper, now Avaya has more market share than Cisco in enterprise networking. Does this roil the waters around IP telephony?

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Predictions are tough

by JamesRL In reply to Will Nortel/Avaya combo b ...

Nortel had some great world beating tech before financial scandals and plummeting sales caused massive R&amp cuts.

Still Avaya bought some good patents cheap, as well as some good design staff.

The question really is does Avaya have enough $$ and will to bring the stuff thats in development to market. Cisco has such a strong reputation, its become a default for many buyers - like IBM in the 70s and 80s.


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Plus there is a bad taste in everyones mouth with Nortel

by jmgarvin In reply to Predictions are tough

Too many companies got burned by Nortel over the past few years and don't trust the brand...

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Sadly true

by JamesRL In reply to Plus there is a bad taste ...

You don't even want to have Nortel on your resume around here, because in Canada, many people bought Nortel stock and lost a fortune. All the financial shenanigans took the focus away from product.


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I seriously doubt t, but they will take some sales.

by Forum Surfer In reply to Will Nortel/Avaya combo b ...

Avaya has many, many government and telco contracts locked in. This undoubtedly keeps them afloat in tough financial times. Nortel equipment has always been great. I'm a strictly Cisco shop, but it is hard to argue Nortel's price point. You get a similar quality managed device with Nortel equipment, for 1/2 to 2/3 of the price of a comparable Cisco piece.

There are two reasons they won't topple Cisco.

1. Cisco has deep pockets when it comes to R&D, combined with some of the most brilliant engineers in the industry.

2. Cisco Certifications. Like it or not they are out there. Some employers like them. Some employers love them. Some employers require them. If someone has $$$ tied up in Cisco certifications, they are likely to push for purchasing Cisco products within their organization. They can have equipment for "hands on" study guides to prepare themselves fore more advanced certifications.

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