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    Will Not boot!!!


    by sped16602 ·

    I just purchased new power supply and motherboard from tigerdirect. Installed it with an old cpu. When I turn it on the led on the motherboard comes on but the fan on the cpu doesn’t spin and nothing powers up.tried unplugging all drives. Even tried running the motherboard outside of the case to make sure it wasn’t a ground issue. I don’t think its the motherboard or psu. Could it be the cpu?

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      by wcp ·

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      The essential components for a system to power up are PS and MB.
      CPU, RAM, and Video card could be dead but the system should power up.
      The problem seems most likely due to the front panel power cable connection. Read the manual very carefully and make sure the cable was connected right. You may use a ball point pen tip to short the power pins to power up. If it powers up, check the power button. If the system still does not power up, it?s got to be the PS or MB. If you have another system, you can test the PS. Then you know whether the culprit is the PS or MB.

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      by g… ·

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      I had the problem once. It was that there were 2 cables to connect from the power supply to the MB. One was for the MB and the other for the elements plugged in and I oversaw it because reading to fast the manual. But it could be other things. So
      1. Check all the wires, make sure everything is plugged right.
      2. Try to check all the (vital) components one by one to make sure they work. i.e. in another PC

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      by dnvrtechgrrl ·

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      Check the BIOS battery too. I’ve had a couple of Dell’s the last few months that present like a dead power supply when the battery goes.

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      by chaosruled ·

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      Put the CPU in the old MBB. If it runs then the problem is wrong ram for system or you are using a CPU with the wrong FSB.
      Regards, David

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