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will not recognize hard disk

By thalshanj ·
-puter is pentium 166mmx
-motherboard is 571b x2.1 chipset sis 5571
-bought a new hdd seagate 40Gb 4200rpm
-when installed the auto detection feature cannot recognize the hard drive
-if the specs are manually keyed the puter will
advise a drive failure
is there any driver for the board i can load to recognize the drive?
what should i do?
can you advise me any site that gives technical specs of the 571b motherboard such as manufacturer, new drivers, etc.

jay shan

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will not recognize hard disk

by opatzg In reply to will not recognize hard d ...

Cheapest suggestion, get an ide card for your pc and let it handle the new drive.
Best suggestion replace everything but the 40gig hard drive. I also hope that was a 5400 or a 7200 rpm drive, 4200 sounds a little goofy to me unless you're usinga laptop.
Good luck

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will not recognize hard disk

by PaulP In reply to will not recognize hard d ...

Are you replacing your current drive or adding this as a second drive?
How did you jumper the new drive? Master or slave or cable select? Which IDE channel did you connect it to - primary or secondary?

I suggest you update your BIOS with one from the computer manufacturer. This along with proper jumpering will probably get your drive to work.

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will not recognize hard disk

by dmiles7 In reply to will not recognize hard d ...

More details on your hardware would help.

Is the drive not recognized by the system BIOS, or just in Windows?
If the drive is not recognized by the BIOS on a cold boot, I would suspect a problem with the new drive. Or your IDE cable.
Try a new cable before anything else.

Is the new drive a different brand than the original drive?
Sometimes drives from different manufactures do not function well together on the same IDE channel.
Try the new drive on the secondary IDE channel.What about drive jumpers?
Make sure that BOTH drives have the jumpers set correctly.

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will not recognize hard disk

by avlwiz In reply to will not recognize hard d ...

My recollection of prehistoric technology is that prior to P200's the bios would not recognize hard disks over 2gb. Seagate had a program called "Discwizard" that would fake out the bios to recognize anything over 2gb made by them. Western Digitalalso had a tool called "EZ Drive".
The only other answer would be the jumper is not set correctly on the drive.

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will not recognize hard disk

by TheChas In reply to will not recognize hard d ...

Your motherboard may be a PC-Chips motherboard.
Unfortunately, they have removed ALL information for any motherboard older than a P3 from their site.

You should be able to download reference drivers for the SiS chip-set from SiS.

I just checked, and you can download drivers for W98 for the 5571 chip.

As to your hard-drive issue:

The cheap answer would be to download and use Seagate's BIOS overlay utility.

The 'best' answer is to install a PCI IDE controller card.
For under $30 (US) this will not only allow you to access the full capacity of the drive, it will allow you to use the full data transfer rate of the new drive.


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