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Will Proxy 2.2 work on W2K Pro ?

By przemekf ·
I was wondering if I could install MS Proxy 2.2 on my windows 2000 machine. it has a winnt directory, although I'm running it on FAT32 not NTFS. I was also wondering what would be a good program to use for haveing a FTP server program running on this box. WAR ftp Daemon seems like a popular one, but it was written by some rogue programmer and I'm not sure I trust the stability, FTP serv-U seems to a popular one as well, but it doesn't work well with large files and is reported to be unstable.
One last Question, I'm using Zone Alarm to protect myself from intrusion via my cable connection, is this the right choice ? if not what would be a good one.

Thanks in advance for any advice !

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Will Proxy 2.2 work on W2K Pro ?

by McKayTech In reply to Will Proxy 2.2 work on W2 ...

I'm not clear why you would want to install MS Proxy Server on a workstation machine. If you just want to share the cable connection with other machines, that capability is built in to W2K Pro and it actually works pretty well.

ZoneAlarm works reasonably well and everyone I know has been pretty happy with it - I used it for awhile but replaced it with a hardware firewall for other reasons. ZoneAlarm could be a trifle annoying but worked as advertised.

The only FTP server I've run on a Microsoft platform is the one included with IIS so I can't comment on the rest of what's out there for the MS platform.


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Will Proxy 2.2 work on W2K Pro ?

by przemekf In reply to Will Proxy 2.2 work on W2 ...

Thanks for the info, I still need an ftp program installed, in which case I would like to protect my ports from unwanted access.
Thanks agian.

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