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    Will RDF toast XML?


    by maryweilage ·

    This week’s SQL Server e-newsletter examines Resource Description Framework (RDF). What is your take on RDF? Are you in agreement with author Arthur Fuller that RDF may toast XML? Do you think that RDF is important enough to delay SQL Server 2005?

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      XML? toast?

      by four-eyes ·

      In reply to Will RDF toast XML?

      Well, I tend to think of XML as a universal data format. And I read somewhere that XML was designed to be a more “user-friendly” version of SGML (SGML for the masses, so to speak). Putting in data and semantics (RDL) into the fray isn’t a bad thing at all. I just think people and companies have already invested a lot in studying XML just to move on to RDL just like that.

      Just my two cents… 😀

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      I’m confused

      by rloski ·

      In reply to Will RDF toast XML?

      One question for the author of this article: can RDF handle vector graphics (like VML) or encode a visio document? Think about this question a moment.

      Here’s a quote from the RDF spec document: “This document defines an XML syntax for RDF called RDF/XML in terms of Namespaces in XML, the XML Information Set and XML Base.” They could have built the framework using SGML or comma delimitted files (yuch), but chose XML as foundation.

      Back to my question: it was a stupid question!!! RDF, VML, and XML grammars for visio documents are all extensions of XML. In fact I could, using namespaces, have a single document that uses RDF and VML.

      XML is not going away because of RDF. RDF may be superior to other semantic XML grammars, but it doesn’t replace all grammars. SQL Server should by no means try to replace XML with RDF. Treat RDF just like any other XML document.


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      Prudency is a virtue to consider in this case

      by gaston nusimovich ·

      In reply to Will RDF toast XML?

      In general, I think that RDF could and might become a major force in the years to come.

      The need for semantics in any modern inter process communication scheme is out of the question, but I believe that prudency is a virtue to consider in this case.

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        Greatest thing since …

        by antitechnotechnoweenie ·

        In reply to Prudency is a virtue to consider in this case

        Sounds like RDF is meant for a different problem domain then strait XML. I think it would help a lot to think about what this stuff is for and decide to use it if it’s needed for the problem domain and the target archatecture. Not gonna buy a $100,000 tractor to weed my garden when all I need is a hoe. XML hasn’t become what people thought it would because the techno’s forgot to cut the lawyers in on the action. Can’t make a contract without legal review. We need to stop loving our tools and stop making demigogs out of techno guru’s or we will end up serving the machines instead of the machines serving us. I am already shackled to a monitor ten hours a day. Isn’t that enough?

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          A Different Problem Domain

          by artful ·

          In reply to Greatest thing since …

          Quite right, and I tried to make that clear. RDF is intended to allow virtual machines to communicate. In this domain, XML alone is problematic. When the communication is between a virtual machine and a human (via a monitor near you), XML is just fine.

          Arthur Fuller

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      XML Import

      by sunro01 ·

      In reply to Will RDF toast XML?

      I agree that very few companies have SQL/XML project. It seems that it is not easy to import a XML file into a database. I know there is OpenXML function in SQL, but it is only for a variable, not for a file. Is anyone know if there is any build-in function to import XML file easily? Currently, I have to use DTS to import a XML file into a temporary table, and create a stored procedure to parse data into a staging table.

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