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Will the advancing of technology like robots cause a collapse of society?

Here's my friend's short theory (article below by the way): "Car is built by robots or a 3D printer. That car was ordered online with the information for delivery and payment process done through automatic software. That car now drives itself (they are working on self-driving) to the person who ordered it (someone who is likely rich or well off since so few jobs or opportunity are left due to automation).

I wanted to know facts, thoughts and such since this article (which was big news that trended this week) popped up:

I know "History always made NEW jobs when technology advanced...I feel like it's getting so advanced the new jobs, even repairing robots, will be done by robots. I am a writer/journalist. However, these days a pencil and paper aren't enough. To survive we must adapt so I am learning online video and podcasts as well. I'm still in college, and graduating soon which is why I am afraid that before I get out or just soon after it will only be years before society crumbles. No need for humans to work=no jobs for humans=no way for most humans to earn money= no way for the humans to feed themselves or their families or even provide warmth. Essentials for just living and not dying in poverty.

I have started learning programming again through Codeacademy and research on Google, plus old books I had from a few years ago. Working on HTML, CSS, JavaScript (taught together) and some Java too. I know having a good understanding and practice of these languages will help me and others adapting to the future, but needless to say some people have it harder than others because of health issues or where they were born into. The job at a factory assembling or even as a truck driver is all some people have and use to make very good livings from it. With technology advancing in things like robots, computer software and even 3D printers, how exactly will the economy NOT collapse if we keep losing jobs...while still growing in population?

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What happened to telecommunications when the operator's job was automated?

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Will the advancing of tec ...

Or the buggywhip manufacturer?

It's easy to see the jobs that go away, but harder to see what will replace it. There are almost NO operators any longer, yet telecommunications didn't implode in the 1990s, it EXPLODED with millions of jobs being created as the technology advanced. Yes, there are only a handful of operators left, but there are all the jobs created thanks to wireless technology, including the manufacture of tablets, laptops, desktops, printers, cellphones, smart-phones, and all the support and repair staff for the installation, support, and maintenance of said devices.

There will be more robots, but there will be people to design better robots, maintain them, supplement the places where they cannot work, et cetera. Let's not forget that the jobs being replaced first are dangerous and pay well because your chance of getting killed is pretty dang good. I gave up my CDL for a programmer's desk years ago, and I'm not going to get killed in traffic while coding.

Secretaries are a thing of the past, but have been replaced by the Administrative assistant, who is paid much more than the old secretary. Technology has been eliminating, but replacing jobs since the invention of the wheel. It's not about thinking of how many jobs no longer exist, but how many are created. Would you want to go back to the days before bulldozers were created and employ men to break their backs with shovels all day?

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They will need more people to run that technology equal to more jobs

They will need more people to run that technology equal to more jobs, the more computer base technology growing it will dependable on more people to analyse optimize and sale and market it to other people and vice versa The Disadvantages of automated jobs and Real time Big Data automated it's being able to store it, analyse it and visualize it in real-time is a whole different ball game

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Yep, you have to see the new opportunities.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to They will need more peopl ...

90% of the farming jobs went away but we have more food than ever.

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artificial intelligence and computer robots will not take over the world

artificial intelligence and computer robots will not take over the world i gamble on biotechnology and people a world in which people live far beyond their natural lifespans.

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I predict the man-machine interface before too long.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to artificial intelligence a ...

We will interface directly with the machines either through direct input via implants or sensors that will translate our thoughts to the machines.

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Uncertain, ambiguous and dangerous world

by michaelenglish2 In reply to Will the advancing of tec ...

I think it's honestly a fair question to ask for what is the 4th Industrial Revolution. Seeing statistics recently saying that the richest 62 people own as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the world's population is staggering and it's trending in 20-30 years towards 1 or 2 people having this wealth. There is a danger that globalisation and technology advances drive this or facilitate it.
We need a fairer and more equal society for it to survive - with or without robots. Having said that, I'm someone who is in favour of small state and low taxes! So, what to do?
I didn't start answering this blog with the intention of saying this but I am a Christian and I truly believe that the only way for society to survive, at least survive well, is when each of our hard hearts are cracked-open by the love of Jesus. I'm sure not everyone will agree with that but it's my answer!

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The map is not the territory

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Uncertain, ambiguous and ...

It's an old saying but it's still true.

Let me give you a hypothetical.

Let's say that I gave you a box with two buttons. Push one, and all wealth is distributed equally, and that is it. Push the other and 100 people in the world will hiold 90% of the wealth, but everyone else will have adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and disposable income in perpetuity. Which would you choose?

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Hard to say, but...

by ChironK In reply to Will the advancing of tec ...

Someone said that "artificial intelligence won't ever be a match for natural stupidity", and at least for the time being that still appears to be very true. Thus even assuming that the technological gadgets take over *all* the jobs that don't require critical or constructive thinking, reasonably enough humans who can do that shouldn't really fear unemployment.

But this is just a small fraction of the problem: what will happen to the others? Will the technological growth lead to the extinction of those people whose jobs have little or nothing in common with their ability to think, or should they rather get acquainted with the notion that learning to use their minds is the only way to survive? And will the new social structure have an use for so many thinkers?
Unfortunately there's no satisfactory answer to those disturbing questions as there are too many unpredictable factors to provide any answers not based entirely on faith.

However the questions above might as well be purely academic: our culture is no more just a tiny spot on the Petri dish, it has covered nearly all the available surface. Running out of inhabitable space and resources as we are, we haven't accepted yet that we cannot afford to live the way we did only a few decades ago, and we probably won't until it's too late.
As such the collapse looming in the air could involve much more than 'just' the economy, and today's technology isn't very likely to survive a possible upheaval of those proportions.
Which would postpone the problem until the survivors manage to rebuild the civilization as we know it today, unless they are wiser than we have been and build something better.

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I see the Luddites live.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Hard to say, but...

How far back do you wish to go, my friend.

If we eliminated heavy machinery, we could go back to employing thousands of men with shovels to do the digging. Yes, the work will be awful and kill many of them, but at least we won't have that pesky technology. Maybe we could go back to the days before the automobile and have mass dye-offs from dysentery again.

The simple fact is that we have several thousands of years of evidence to assuage your fears. Innovation leads to a better life for all. Advances in sanitation not only staved off disease, but allowed millions of people to live in cities instead of being spread out, allowing for the use of less resources, not more.

We are not microbes. At least most of us aren't. Plastics were EEEEEVIL three decades ago, now they are recycled. You are making static assumptions in a dynamic environment. Where you fear, others see opportunity. I've already thought of several good things that could come for EVERYONE. With more robotics will come a cheaper price for all goods affected, which means cheaper food, housing, and clothing, so the cost of the necessities may be covered with even a part-time job. Then, there's all the niche markets for people who will take advantage of people who don't WANT robots doing things, as well as markets for all sorts of personally made items. "Hand crafted" already has a certain appeal. The same will hold true all across the board. The advantages in medicine are countless. Already, robotic assistants have created more, not less jobs in medicine. Surgeons can operate on previously inoperable tumors.

Fear is the mind-killer

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Advancing of Technology

by mornymorcal In reply to Will the advancing of tec ...

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