Will these two things work in my PC?

By hydrochelle ·
Heres my computer---->
Heres the two things I want(if they are both compatible with each other and my computer)---->

Will these all work in my computer???? if not what psu do i need? can give me link to the right one?

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Did you check

by tintoman In reply to Will these two things wo ...

the existing PSU on your computer? that spec doesn't say what the output is.
However your new graphics card needs minimum 400Watt and you are proposing to fit a 500Watt unit so that's fine but you wont need to change it unless the existing one is less than 400Watt
Otherwise I see no reason not to do this.

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its 250 watt psu,lol

by hydrochelle In reply to Did you check

I want to put bigger psu that 400 watt cause i will be adding other things like fans and stuff to my pc. Just needed to know if those things are all compatible with my pc.

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Consider though if you're ever likely to invoke SLi ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to its 250 watt psu,lol

Coz if you do, that 500W will be of no use at all.

<Edited for stoopid typo>

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Power Supply

by TheChas In reply to Will these two things wo ...

From the pictures, it looks like your PC uses a standard ATX power supply.

I would check the physical dimensions and verify that it uses a standard power connector on the motherboard. From the picture, it looks like a standard 24 pin power connector.

If the power supply will fit, then I see no reason to say that this won't work.


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Re Will these two things work in my PC

by OH Smeg In reply to Will these two things wo ...

The Power Supply more than likely but check the number of Power Connectors that you actually need and include the Video Card in this as it takes power directly from the PS. The size is the important thing here as a Standard PS is one size and quite a few HP Dedicated Power Supplies are different and not a Standard Size. Compare your old one size and external plug Sockets the way that the mount on the Power Supply some HP PS's have the plugs internally to allow a smooth surface to slide against the Case. If at all concerned look at the Antec Power Supplies as these have a 20/24 ATX plug that involves dropping off the last 4 pins if you need a 20 Pin PS and if the ATX plug is separated you just have to clip back in the 4 pin plug to make it a 24 Pin Plug. Antec PS have a Constant Power Rating as apposed to a Peek Power Rating so if you look at a 400 W Antec it can produce 400 W all day every day where as other brands can produce a Peek Load of 400 W but will run normally at much less.

As for the Video card it will fit but needs to be placed in the correct PCI Express Slot for best performance. Just remember if you are not using Vista Direct X 10 isn't an issue as only Vista currently runs it.

If you are using Vista you need to remember that Vista is a Major Resource Hog and you'll need a lot of Video RAM and System RAM if you want to run games at the optimum speed. Frame Rates on Vista are much slower than they are on XP with the same Hardware/Software combination.

A base install of System RAM for XP should be 1 GIG and for Vista 2 GIG's or more depending on what the M'Board can support. While both OS's will run on less they just work better with that size RAM as a starting point.


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