will this dual boot have problems?

By wbgg ·
I dual booted XP and Vista. All seems good.

XP on a 40Gb primary partition,
Extended partition with
Vista 40Gb logical
620Gb logical

should i have installed vista on a second primary partition?
seems to work ok, but will problems occur in the future?

actually Im planning to image the OS's
Any issues imaging an OS on a Extended/logical partition?

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Are they on the same partition?

by alphatech9 In reply to will this dual boot have ...

As long as they are on separate partitions it should be fine...

I have several dual boot machines...

XP/Fedora, XP/Server2003, XP/Vista, XPHome/XPpro

None of them have any problems, but they are all on their own NTFS formated partitions...

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Re: Are they on the same partition?

by wbgg In reply to Are they on the same part ...

All on single Harddrive>
XP installed first 40GB NTFS- Primary
Vista 40Gb- It automatically makes it logical.

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