Will this graphics card work?

By KbloodyK ·
I am rebuilding my Dell XPS 410 from scratch, and i need some help!
I have a GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with an AMD Phenom II X4 965 AM3 3.4Ghz 512KB 45NM 125W 4000MHZ processor with 500W power supply and windows 7 home 64-bit.
My question is, will a PNY NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1GB GDDR5 2DVI/Mini-HDMI PCI-Express Video Card VCGGTX6501XPB Graphics Card work with this motherboard (and/or this configuration)?
-The KbloodyK

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I can not see any reason why it wouldn't work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Will this graphics card w ...

Thought he Video Card is only PCI Express 3 so it might be a bit slow.

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Reponse To Answer

by KbloodyK In reply to I can not see any reason ...

could you recommend a faster card?

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On Video Speed

by TheChas In reply to Will this graphics card w ...

Looking over the specifications for both the motherboard and the video card, I think OH Smeg was just typing too fast.

The PNY GTX650 card will not run as fast as it can because the Gigabyte GA-970-D3 motherboard only supports PCIe 2.0. Therefore, you will not have the full bus transfer speed of a PCIe 3.0 slot.

Looking over video card specifications, you will need to spend more money and consider a larger power supply to upgrade to a faster card like the GTX670. But, you would still have the limitation of the PCIe 2.0 slot on the motherboard.

Here is an article with speed and power requirement comparisons.

The GTX650 looks like a pretty good compromise between performance and power requirements.


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Reponse To Answer

by KbloodyK In reply to On Video Speed
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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to On Video Speed

Yeah I agree with Chas.

BUT, you might want to go to the gamefaqs PC forum and get a second opinion. Those people are crazy about this sort of thing.
http://www.gamefaqs .com/boards/**6373-pc

Remove the extra space between the s and the .com to make the link work.

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Reputable power supply.

by mike.laing In reply to Will this graphics card w ...

Is your PSU a Coolermaster or Thermaltake X2 or some such? No-name type PSU put out a lot less than they are rated.
Now, I just sold a system with a 500W Thermaltake TR2. The system was an i7 920 on a Gigabyte X58 UD5 board, and a GTX 650 Ti. The processor was overclocked to 3.8 GHz, and I ran Prime95 on all 8 processor threads for several hours with no errors. Running Furmark graphics benchmark, my graphics card went to 89 degrees C and my processor to 74, so make sure you have good cooling. I was running a 200 and three 120mm fans plus the Coolermaster Evo 212.
All this on a 500W PSU. If you are going to go hard, then, just to be safe, get at least a 600W, but I suspect 500 might be good enough for most gaming.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Reputable power supply.

74 is a bit hot for a CPU, 89 on GPU is the max you would want to reach, but it is still safe.

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