Will vlan help connect Cisco 1240 WAP and HP4150 Ipaq?

By mark ·

I have just installed 37 Cisco 1240 WAP and configured them to WPA with the help of George Ou's guide. I have a problem that my Ipaq rx1950's and the hx2750's connect ok but my hx4150's will not they will only use WEP. I cannot replace the 40 hx4150's so is it possible to setup a vlan that allows WEP as the security so that these can log onto the domain and can I then restrict what they are able to connect to?

Thank you to George for his guide it all worked so well the WPA is working great with the laptops and other PDAs are connecting fully.

Thank you for any help

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Mark this is a large undertaking!

by sirkozz In reply to Will vlan help connect Ci ...

Create a vlan for existing essid and map the essid to this vlan.
Create another vlan for hx4150?s.
Create another essid for hx4150?s mapping to correct vlan.
For added security create a mac acl for hx4150?s on the 1240?s
Network resource restriction can be accomplished by configuring the vlan?s
subnet on the router.
Hopes this helps.
Good luck!

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