Will Windows 7 be any different?

I've read online that Windows 7 is to have the same kernel and driver framework as Windows Vista. My question is Will Windows 7 be any different than Windows Vista?

I even read that 7 will not even be backwards compatible with older programs. That means no more game from 2003 or older, perhaps?

If you ask me, I'm either gonna stick with my Vista laptop, or move to Ubuntu Linux. But, I dont think I'm moving to 7 anytime soon.


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Well with the understanding of what M$ Announce

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Will Windows 7 be any dif ...

And finally get around to releasing being completely different it's still a guessing game.

When M$ announced 7 it was supposed to be a more modular OS aimed at business to get away from needing to install most of the Windows OS and then delete it after the install finished. This was supposed to save time on building new business systems and improve security dramatically.

Also when Vista was released M$ claimed that Vista was the development platform for the next 10 years and that there would be a Major Service Pack released at the 2 year mark and a new OS released at the 4 year mark to replace Vista but this new OS would be a development of Vista with some of the bugs ironed out.

So what was supposed to happen was that a Major Service Pack would be released at the 24 month mark after the Vista Release so that may be SP1 for Vista or it may not and then approximately 2 years latter M$ would release a Rebadged developed OS to replace Vista. This was supposed to happen on a rotating basis for the next 10 years at least. Knowing how M$ find it impossible to stick to announced developments by the looks of things a Service Pack could be available in a few months to a year and then in another 2 years a New OS may be released after the Service Pack. By the looks of things 7 will be that new OS and should be a development of the current Vista.

But knowing how M$ work anything is possible. :0


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Just use what works for you now

by Tearat In reply to Will Windows 7 be any dif ...

Trying to predict what MS will do with win 7 will drive you mad
Everyone has an opinion and no facts

Win7 will be what ever it is when they run out of time or panic
When they make 7 available you should wait until others have tried it

But make sure you can go back to what you have that worked
But if 7 is bad you can wait for 8 or 9 or so on
They call it bleeding edge for a reason

Besides no software producer is going to drop Vista support when 7 arrives
Just like now you can buy the same things for XP or Vista
New stuff will support XP for some time yet

But don?t let anyone tell you not to try new things including Ubuntu and other Linux based OS
Just make sure you backup anything important

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