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Will Windows 7 revitalize older equipment??

By LarryD4 ·
Been playing with the Win7 RC for quite a while now and from what I have seen Win7 runs some older devices much better then XP does now.

Motion Computer M1300 Tablet
Intel Pentium M 1 Ghz
Bus Speed 400 Mhz
Chipset Intel 855GM
1 Gig L2 1.0 Meg Cache

Installed 7 RC and there was an obvious difference in OS response and boot up time.

Dell C840
1.8-GHz P4-M, 1 Gig DDR SDRAM, 37GB hard drive
Even happier! Win7 makes this older laptop run really, really well!

Both of these systems were shipped with and were still running XP and there was no way Vista could run on them. We tried to install it but it was so slow it was useless.
In the past these types of systems were the first to be installed with a distro of Linux to prolong life, but now it seems that Win7 will bring new life to my old hardware.

Do you think you will try to utilize Win7 to breath new life in to your old hardware?

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by Mozster In reply to Will Windows 7 revitalize ...

Yes, why not?! As long as license wise its cost effective to do so and not just buy a new device with a Windows7 license installed already.

Best way to breathe life into old hardware is to set them up as Terminal Server thin clients :-)

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by LarryD4 In reply to Will Windows 7 revitalize ...
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Tried it...

by DHCDBD In reply to Will Windows 7 revitalize ...

on an Emachines W4620 (Gateway MX-6422) and it failed. Could not get the ATI Radeon 200M video driver to work and the Realtek AC97 audio drivers failed to start after several days of tinkering, I put the XP HD back in and sent a complaint to M$ because both sets of hardware are fully supported under Vista.

The NB is four years old, has an AMD tl-32 (1.8 Ghz.) cpu, 2 gigs of Ram, yada, yada. The drivers were current Win 7 releases from the hardware manufactures website and the MS Win 7 drivers. All failed in every mode.

So, as to whether you can support any particular piece of older hardware - well it depends.

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