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    by happyandyk ·

    A Qualitative Report Card by 3 MVP’s.

    Globally speaking, well, inspite of Microsofts efforts, there has been confusion on certain fronts. The first being “Why Vista” ! Why should I upgrade ? ……

    Well, Yes and No ! WDDM and Aero are the primary VISIBLE features in Vista which cannot be exported to Vista. The new kernel IS good. Vista is great on security, file-handing, stability, & ease of networking fronts ! Its got some new cool features too ! However many other features can be used in XP by using other 3rd party applications. And while the world is waiting for Vista to become the next leading OS, all this smoke about Windows7!

    If yes fine. If not is such an expenditure justified against Vista’s benefits… Especially, in face of the fact that by 2010 a brand new Windows7 will be launched ? Is this expense wholly justified against Vista’s benefits? I am inclined to think so. Security, Stability and File handling has really improved in Vista…

    Windows being the dominant OS platform worldwide, Vista will rule, if not for anything, than the sheer fact that people are familiar with Windows and for any new platform to replace window, people will have to first unlearn before learning again, and that is easier said than done. That is why also maybe Microsoft wants more and more to get hitched onto their bandwagon…piracy be damned ! Open source is there, and it has been there for quite some time, System builders are including Linux OS for quite a some time now, but still we don’t see any boom on Desktop uses using Linux. Mac?…well, too busy catering to their niche 5% market share !

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      Common Sense

      by chaz15 ·

      In reply to WILL WINDOWS VISTA RULE?

      I seriously doubt Vista is even nearly ready for either serious home or commercial use.

      Firstly when will MS wake up to providing family licenses.

      For home users, most present games simply will not run under Vista, most digital cameras will fail to be read under Vista (unless you also have XP, you can’t even retrieve let alone view your photos), then there is the DEBACLE of re-activation if you install some game emulation software, or dare I say it, even update some drivers.

      And as for drivers for anything but the latest hardware………

      For commercial use, it is so tied down to hardware configurations, a ghost disk might be needed for EACH machine, and even updating a network driver (If one actually exists) may cause an activation issue on EACH computer. As for updating any system driver, heaven help us.

      It was bad enough with Office XP needing install disks with admin privilege to add some everyday feature.

      Any sensible corporation needs an operating system and software that can be installed and maintained via the network and that is NOT machine dependant.

      An operating sytem needs to be, MUST be stable and reliable over YEARS, not MONTHS if lucky!!!!

      As for excuses, if IBM can sell software that runs on 35+ operating systems, where activation isn’t an issue……….

      For Goodness Sake, a computer can’t even run without an operating system.

      As for MS’s quirky rights system supposedly protecting Microsoft.

      If software or an OS is good enough people will want to BUY it!!!!!!!!!

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      by retro77 ·

      In reply to WILL WINDOWS VISTA RULE?

      Vista is crap. I have had so many users come to me asking questions about Vista on their home machines. I dont have it for a reason: I dont want to buy a new PC to run a bloated OS.

      I’ve told a few that bought PCs with Vista installed: try to exchange it for a PC running XP.

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        The Earth Is Flat

        by kgfltd ·

        In reply to Crap

        The Earth is flat
        and the sky is falling.

        Be thankful that Vista wasn’t shipped by boat, the ship’s captain may have steered the ship off of the edge of the earth.

        When you buy a new motorcycle, or new automobile, how many parts from the old bike or car do install on the new ride?

        Vista is here to stay and anyone with a little common sense can use it without difficulty.

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      Difference between rule and dominate

      by chrisevans ·

      In reply to WILL WINDOWS VISTA RULE?

      It may not rule but it WILL dominate as MS does … they are the Borg and whether you like it or not you will be assimilated 😉

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