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Windows 10 - How do I install programs on a separate drive?

By hirschethan ·
How do I get Windows 10 to install programs on a separate drive?

My new PC has 2 SSD drives - C is for Windows 10 and E is for programs.

I changed the registry settings for Program Files and Program Files (86) to drive E.

Programs still install on C.

Also when new programs are being installed, Windows 10 does not give me the option of changing the location.

What am I doing wrong?


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Without connecting your HDD / SSD its not possible to do so...

Yes - If you want to install it on portable SSD or HDD you need to connect it to your USB slot or attach as additional HDD / SSD then while installing any program or software make sure to specify the portable drive folder as you need to change the installation path inside that app installer before you begin the installation - as most app/software installers now a days allow you to specify the directory or location you want to install the software.

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More information please

by public In reply to Windows 10 - How do I ins ...

There's something here that's not making sense.

Most (but not all) applications that can be installed on PCs will allow you to specify the installation directory. This is not something determined by Windows. It's the installer, not Windows that chooses the directory.

So when you say "new programs", what are you referring to? Are these Windows components, Microsoft Store apps, or applications?

I'd be extremely surprised, however, if the fact that your second drive is an SSD has anything to do with this problem.

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Registry change the problem?

by wwarshaw In reply to Windows 10 - How do I ins ...

You say that you changed the registry settings - what exactly did this change entail? And perhaps this is causing the problem - do you have a backup of the registry prior to the changes &/or can you manually change the registry back to the original settings?

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Perhaps these registry changes

by public In reply to Registry change the probl ...

I'm thinking this is what he's referring to:

The registry changes are iffy at best. Microsoft says they're not supported and have a good chance of breaking things.

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non-standard installation locations

by FTAdmin In reply to Windows 10 - How do I ins ...

For whatever reason, MS has chosen to install (at least some) native Windows 10 apps to a different location than C:\Programs, etc. So changing the standard file location settings in Registry may not cover everything.

If you happen to be moving Steam apps, that's a whole different can of worms to move to another drive. I would recommend Googling how to change it, and use the method that involves deleting, moving and reinstalling Steam. Make a backup first.

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2 seperate drives, or 2 partitions?

by DKeith45 In reply to Windows 10 - How do I ins ...

Do you have a single drive, divided into two partitions, or actually have a secondary drive?

Regardless, unless something has changed recently I'm not aware of, all programs must be installed to C. Which will always be on the first partition, on the primary drive. Other partitions, and drives, are for storage. Storage of pics, videos, documents, backups, etc.

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Looks like an installer issue

by mitchputz In reply to Windows 10 - How do I ins ...

Agree with Public that the destination folder of applications is not determined by Windows, but the actual application itself. You might want to uninstall and try again and make sure you indicate the right path. I also assume there's nothing wrong with your slave SSD installation and being detected without issues.

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Am I right?

by andymary269 In reply to Windows 10 - How do I ins ...

Do you want to install software or programs in another drive not on C drive am I right?

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