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    Win 10 keeps Rebooting with Security msg

    by shaz343 ·

    I just bought a Windows 10 desktop i7 2.8 Hz computer. Now after 3 weeks I changed the RAM to another RAM. Now every 30 minutes it keeps rebooting? I am going to change the old RAM back into the original config, see if that prevents from reboot? Otherwise what else can be the issue? Or do I need Win 10 Professional install to fix it? Does disconnecting from Wi-fi prevent viruses breaching security ? Thanks.

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      Re: rebooting

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Win 10 keeps Rebooting with Security msg

      Somehow, it seems unlikely that changing the RAM would lead to a “Security msg”. So I think it’s something else. Of course, undoing the change should be harmless, but I doubt if that’s the fix.

      There surely is no need for another version (Pro in stead of Home) of Windows 10. But – depending on the cause – it could be that a refresh or reset or clean install of Windows solves the issue.

      Please tell more about:
      – the computer (a Speccy would be fine, google that)
      – the old RAM
      – the new RAM
      – the exact text of the message

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        by shaz343 ·

        In reply to Re: rebooting

        HPE 372f
        i7 2.8 Ghz
        8 logic processers
        4 physical
        AMD radeon HD 5700
        RAM 8GB

        I changed the original HP ram 8 GB to another set of RAM also 8GB but from a 2011 desktop PC.

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      Hard to say……

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Win 10 keeps Rebooting with Security msg

      Just wondering, did you confirm that RAM you installed is fully compatible with the motherboard? Also could be bad/faulty RAM that you bought.

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      Without the text of the Security message.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Win 10 keeps Rebooting with Security msg

      You should put it back to the configuration that worked.

      Can you share the text of the message as well as explain why you think you need the Win 10 install?

      In parting Windows 10 install media is free to create today. Has been for years. Here’s a link about that:

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        Software problem or Hardware problem

        by shaz343 ·

        In reply to Without the text of the Security message.

        I was under the impression the software was bad.
        In this case was going to do re-image.
        But Discussing from the feedback the RAM could be the culprit.
        I will change the RAM in back to original config and hope all is well.
        If there is no software issue after 30 minutes of self reboot than PC is considered fixed. Its 29 min passed the PC seems to be working without rebooting since change the RAM.

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      by naheed mir ·

      In reply to Win 10 keeps Rebooting with Security msg

      Can you share what Security message are you getting?
      I will suggest resetting your BIOS settings and then check
      if it solves the issue. Moreover, try to reset CMOS also.

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        Issue resolved

        by shaz343 ·

        In reply to BIOS

        The ram needed replacing to original config.

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