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    win 10 – win 11 issue


    by wombat457 ·

    My computer had windows 11 Pro running on it until I decided to remove my 1 TB D Drive and upgrade my C Drive from 500 MB drive to a 2 TB V-NAND 980 Pro drive. I had a so called technician do the “upgrade”. When I got my computer back I discovered that I still had the D Drive in the computer AND all I had was windows 10 Home addition together with update errors that are preventing microsucks from upgrading me to windows 11.

    According to microsucks – my computer is NOW not windows 11 friendly and it can’t be installed??? How can a computer that was running windows 11 perfectly now be incapable of running it just because I installed a larger SSD Drive for an operating system? I should also add that the computer is now very jerky in terms of the mouse operation (wireless) and same mouse that ran flawlessly before the upgrade.

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      Re: Windows

      by kees_b ·

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      Only the technician that did the hardware upgrade can tell what he did (and maybe why). Nobody here can. That’s why I’m closing the thread.

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