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    win 11 hangs at hibernation?

    by SamsonKnight ·


    why does my windows 11 hang at hibernation?

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      Reply To: win 11 hangs at hibernation?

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to win 11 hangs at hibernation?

      Not enough information to offer advice. What make/model computer? How old? Has this always been a problem? Did you upgrade from an older version of Windows? Did you check if there are any available Windows updates? How much RAM, HDD and/or SDD storage is available/free?

      I am using an HP Omen system that originally had Windows 10 and upgraded to Windows 11 when it became available. I am not experiencing the same issue that you described.

      Please share more information for help.

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      Re: hang

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to win 11 hangs at hibernation?

      Does it hang when you hibernate or when you boot after hibernate?
      Where exactly does it hang?

      On my PC, sometimes the connection with the router is broken when I boot after hibernate. A new Ethernet driver didn’t help. I need to run the troubleshooter to fix it. But I have to agree, it’s much better than hanging.

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      Reply To: win 11 hangs at hibernation?

      by markanderson264 ·

      In reply to win 11 hangs at hibernation?

      This problem is caused by an outdated or incompatible graphics driver. An improper power-saving plan setting can also cause your Windows computer to freeze in hibernation mode.

      To fix this you can try the following steps:
      1. Press the SLEEP key combination.
      2. Press the standard keyboard key.
      3. Move the mouse.
      4. Quickly press the computer’s power switch.

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