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WIN 2000 Boot Loop

By Morrisonk ·
Have a stand alone desktop system running WIN 2000 Pro that continuously reboots when powering up the system. I can go into safe mode okay, but can occassionally get the system up and login. After getting to the desktop the system will reboot after a few seconds with or without the user touching anything. I was leaning towards a possible power supply issue but want a second . . . third . . . etc opinion

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by willcomp In reply to WIN 2000 Boot Loop

If it runs for a long period in safe mode (half hour or more) then it probably isn't power supply. There is very little additional stress on power supply in normal mode.

Usually, when you can boot reliably into safe mode but not into normal mode, it is a driver issue or a startup item.

Although Win 2000 does not come with msconfig, the Win XP version will work. If you can, copy msconfig.exe from an XP PC (located in \windows\system32\dllcache folder) to the \WINNT\system32\ folder on your PC and run msconfig in safe mode. Disable all startup items and reboot into normal mode. If all is well, sequence starup items until you find the problem child.

If it is a driver, the most likely culprit is the video driver. Boot into safe mode and change video driver to VGA driver (built into Windows). If system then boots normally, remove and re-install adapter specific video driver.

If PC still won't boot properly, try disabling network card driver(s), modem driver, and any CD burning software drivers in that order.

It's basically a witch hunt at this point, trying to find the culprit.

Good luck.

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by Mikevjr2 In reply to WIN 2000 Boot Loop

or you can just go into your registry and look up: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" and remove the entry of the program you don't want running at startup, VERY IMPORTANT: Copy Paste or Write Down the entries before deleting them, b/c once they're gone they're gone.


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by Rajaragavan K In reply to WIN 2000 Boot Loop

Hi What service pack do you have installed. It may be due to some virus infections too. Try scanning your machine with some Antivirus solutions.

Also did you installed the MS-Blast security patch issued by Microsoft.

Try out

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by kannuvappa_ngr In reply to WIN 2000 Boot Loop

First try the one as Mike told. then check Power Management, configure it properly. if the problem still pursuits, re-install all of the drivers.

- Kadar -

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