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    Win 2000 Client Upgrades – Metrics


    by kbaker ·

    I would like to here about the actual and elapsed time to complete Win 2000 upgrades in your IT environments. We are upgrading WIN 95 clients and Win NT 4.0 clients on a unit by unit basis due to the unique configurations of hardware and software.

    For Win 95 we are removing all 16 bit applications including virus protection etc. We are testing all changes and functions for the end user before returning the PC’s back to them. We are averaging 22 hours per unit on 95 upgrades.

    For WinNT we are averaging 11-13 hours.

    Times will differ based upon your environments, but a brief description of the environment and
    any metrics that you could supply would be appreciated.

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      22 hours?

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Win 2000 Client Upgrades – Metrics

      It should take less then 2 hours for the initial install of 2k from scratch, with installing default programs.

      And are you really going to tell us that everyone one of the 95 systems are completely different hardware?

      First off, create yourself a “standard Programs” cd. That is, get all of the programs together that are common to every install, and place them on a cd.

      Then get all of the hot fixes together, put them all on a cd, and use qchains with the silent install switch to install them. I use a bat file so it is automated.

      If even remotely possible. Create a master system and configure it with the basic programs. Then using sysprep, prep the system for cloning. Once it shuts down. Using Ghost, clone the drives for the other “hardware similiar” systems. They do not have to be 100% close. They can have a different video card and such. But the Motherboard and controllers should be the same.

      When all is said and done, you should not spend more then 6 hours on a system. And that is from scratch installing a ton of programs.

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