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    win 2000-D101GGC desktopboard problems


    by sameer794 ·

    I have recently purachased a PC with D101GGC/p42.66GHz/80GB SATA hard drive. I am having a lot of problems with Windows2000. The CPU usage always shows 100% . the system hangs when i try to run two programs at the same time. for ex, when winamp is running and I try to copy some thing, the winamp hangs. Also explorer stops responding. Let me know how to install windows 2000 D101GGC/p42.66GHz/80GB SATA hard drive??


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      Reply To: win 2000-D101GGC desktopboard problems

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to win 2000-D101GGC desktopboard problems

      Well first things first have you an up to date Virus Scanner installed?

      Do you have any Spy Ware Tools installed?

      If the answer to each of these is yes have you made sure that they are up to date and run a Scan in [b]Safe Mode[/b] before you consider reloading the computer?

      If you don’t have any Spy Ware Tools you can download from the following URLs and install then update and run in [b]Safe Mode[/b]

      If you don’t have a Virus Scanner you can get a free one at the following URL

      When these are downloaded and installed you then need top update them and once this is finished you can reboot and press the [b]F8[/b] key till you see the Screen to chose which mode you wish to boot in and chose [b]Safe Mode[/b] and allow the system to boot and then run all the scans. If any come up with a problem allow the programs to remove the problem files and then do another scan with the same program just to make sure that the affected file has actually been removed.

      Start you the AV and then with one of the Spy Ware Utilities and always run the same application again if there are any problems found.

      Once this is finished you can reboot as per normal and run [b]Defrag[/b] to speed up the system and see ho it performs then.

      A reload is always the [b]Last Resort[/b] but it’s a good idea to [b]Backup all your Data Now[/b] so that you don’t lose it if you need to do a reload.


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