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Win 2000 freezes absolutely when network card enabled at bootup

By Monty Palmer ·
Hello All-

A client has a win2k SP4 box that connects wirelessly using a Linksys WMP55AG card to a Linksys WRT54G. I have scanned the box with Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware, HijackThis, and AVG. I have emptied all temp directories and caches. I used RegTweak to address registry inconsistencies, and have run LSPFix and FixWinsock. Now, if I boot the machine with the network card enabled, it connects fine to the router, gets internet access and runs fine, for about 2 minutes. Then, the machine freezes and becomes 100% unresponsive. The only way to resolve this is to power down explicitly. Now, if I boot up and disable the network card, even after it has connected, then the machine does not freeze. And, if I wait a few minutes, and then re-enable the network card and allow it to connect, it does and yet it does NOT freeze. At all. It has been useful now for over five hours. If I restart the machine with the card enabled, it will freeze again after two minutes. I do not think that it is an issue with the card as it would freeze regardless of when the connection is made. There are also no entries in the event logs that pertain to this in the least.

If there is any help out there I would truly appreciate it, as would my client.


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by pifflemaster In reply to Win 2000 freezes absolute ...

The simplest thing to try would be a different network card. That would let you rule it and it's drivers out.

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Network Card

by Edward35 In reply to Win 2000 freezes absolute ...

Regardless of wether you think it is the card or not have you updated driver for card or tried another card?

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if you do not have another card.

by Jonny Memonic In reply to Win 2000 freezes absolute ...

if you do not have another card.

You could try switch the card to another PCI slot

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by Monty Palmer In reply to if you do not have anothe ...

It turns out that they had attached a camera and a scanner, but had not installed the drivers. I started unplugging things to swap out the nic but realized that I needed to install those drivers first, so I reconnected everything, and restarted the machine. The new hardware installation routines began, and voila, no more issues.

Thanks all for the help! Happy Holidays and New Year!

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