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Win 2000 machine wont allow domain login

By thestonez ·
I have a simple Win2k3 EE Server setup on my home network. I have a Win2K client machine. I can ping the server from client. I can tracert back to it as well, but when I do nslookup I get non-existant domain while logged in locally on the machine since I cannot login using Domain credentials. When I joined the client to the domain everything went well except when it asked me to add an account to the local machine after successfully joining the domain. When I go through the motions of adding the user to the local machine, I get "Trust relationship not established between computer and domain." I can login locally using local accounts, but get domain unavailable or non-existent errors when logging in with domain credentials. Lastly I have verified the installation of AD and DNS, and on the server nslookup runs fine. Server is connected to Wireless Router on Lan port 1, and client connects via WLAN connection. What am I doing wrong here? Could it be seeing a different LAN? Should I connect the client via ethernet cable to port 2 of the router and try? HELP!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Win 2000 machine wont all ...

Make sure your workstation is configured in DNS on the AD Domain.

Make sure that your workstation's computer account object is not disabled.

Make sure that your domain account isn't disabled.

Reset the RPC Secure Channel password with NETDOM, which is the most likely cause of this issue. See the following thread on this issue and the correct parameters:

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by thestonez In reply to

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by thestonez In reply to Win 2000 machine wont all ...

You sir are a genious. Though I have mixed results. The netdom reset worked and allows me to login now as a Domain Admin on the client machine. I cannot however login as a Domain User on the same account. Could it be that the account needs to be renamed and a new one created? Also I have removed the local users to the client and it works for the Domain Admin as well as another user I have setup with more rights than the domain user account has. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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by thestonez In reply to Win 2000 machine wont all ...

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